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Monday, February 28, 2005

Reports Bush Will Negotiate with Axis of Evil Iran

BBC Reports : US considers incentives for Iran

The US is considering offering economic incentives to Iran in exchange for abandoning any plans to develop a nuclear weapon, US officials say.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said President George W Bush was looking at ideas discussed with European leaders last week.

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Hard Comment: Didn't the Republicans Bash Clinton for making the Same Deal with North Korea 10 years ago which led to the Current Status of North Korea having a Bomb.

Where is the Republican Party Outrage?

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US Judge Comes Home - Finds Her Husband & Mother Murdered

NBC 5.com Reports: 2 Found Dead In Home Of Federal Judge

Excerpt: *Lefkow presided over a trademark case against Matt Hale, a white supremacist later convicted of trying to have the judge killed. Hale remains behind bars.

Chicago Tribune Reports: Husband, Mother of Judge Found Dead

Excerpt: The federal judge whom white supremacist Matthew Hale attempted to have murdered found her husband and mother lying dead in her house when she returned home Monday night, police said.

Judge Joan H. Lefkow returned to her house in the of North Lakewood Avenue after work and found the bodies of her husband, attorney Michael F. Lefkow and her mother, Donna Humphrey, lying in blood in the house, police said.

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Israeli air force training for long-range bombing missions

Space War - AFP Report

The Israeli air force is training its crews for long-range bombing missions, the wing comannder of an F-16I fighter-bomber group said Monday.

"Israel and the air force have understood for a fairly long time now that the threats that surround us are constantly growing and that's why steps have been taken to extend our range of action," the officer, identified only as Wing Commander D., told Israel's privately run second television channel.

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Hard Comment: Like I forecasted Last Week, Israel Should Be Bombing Iran Shortly

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Another Gun - Another Tragedy - 5 Year Old Shoots Down Texas Mom in the Back

Police Say 5-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shot Mother

'Click On Detroit' - Excerpt: FORT WORTH, Texas -- A Texas mother is hospitalized in fair condition after police say her 5-year-old son shot her in the back.

A police spokesman said the boy found his parents' 9 mm pistol in the master bedroom of their south Fort Worth home late Sunday afternoon.

Police Lt. Gene Jones said the boy fired one round through the chair in which his mother was sitting while working on the family computer. Jones said investigators believe the shooting was accidental.

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Hard Comment: No word on where in the back this kids Mom was shot, I hope, I pray it isn't a Spinal Shot.

Another Family Shattered by a Gun.

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Federal Judge Orders 'Enemy Combatant' Jose Padilla Charged Or Released

Local - WYFF TheCarolinaChannel.com - Yahoo News Publication

A federal judge in Spartanburg has ordered that an American citizen held as an enemy combatant in a Navy brig in Charleston should be released

U.S. District Judge Henry F. Floyd ruled Monday that the president of the United States does not have the authority to order Jose Padilla to be held.

"If the law in its current state is found by the president to be insufficient to protect this country from terrorist plots, such as the one alleged here, then the president should prevail upon Congress to remedy the problem," he wrote.

As a result, Floyd ordered that Padilla be charged with a crime or released within 45 days.

The government is expected to appeal the decision.

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Hard Comment: I remember Ashcroft making the announcement of this guys arrest, Ashcroft was over in Russia and made a Video Cast that was played over the US Networks. Black Curtain in the Background, lack of a United States Flag or Emblem anywhere.

Another Failure by our Former Attorney General John Aschroft.

Hard Fact: This Padilla guy, just in case you are not aware, he served time for a 'Double Murder'. He shot and killed 2 when he was around the age of 15 and served a couple of years in prison for that crime. I believe it was some sort of Drug Deal that went bad, but.

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FOREST SERVICE ALLOWED TIMBER INDUSTRY TO REWRITE SIERRA PLAN - Intervention to Stop Collusive Settlement Between Industry and Bush Administration

Public Employees for Enviromental Responsibility Reports

Washington, DC — The U.S. Forest Service allowed the timber industry to rewrite a comprehensive plan for managing 11 national forests in California, according to a legal claim made today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). PEER is filing to intervene in a California Forestry Association lawsuit that seeks to triple the annual timber harvest from national forests in the Sierra Nevada – an increased rate of logging that the Bush Administration is also seeking through an administrative route by its rewrite of the Sierra management plan.

PEER is acting to prevent the Bush Administration and the timber industry from cementing in the higher logging levels through a settlement of the industry suit brought against the Forest Service in Washington, D.C. PEER contends that, despite the suggestion of a disagreement implied by a lawsuit, the industry and the Bush Administration actually agree with each other and that a friendly settlement of the suit would insulate their deal from legal challenges brought by conservation groups.

“The Forest Service is now run by a former timber industry lobbyist, Mark Rey, whose mission, before he returns to the private sector, is to radically undercut sustainable forest policies,” stated California PEER Director Karen Schambach. “The years of work that went into developing the Sierra Framework of 2001, a model plan of which the Forest Service should have been proud, were chucked out the window with barely a wink and a nod.”

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Hard Quesiton: Does this raise any hairs on the back of Necks out there?

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Special Counsel Dismisses Hundreds of Disclosures and Complaints in Past Year

Washington, DC — The U.S. Special Counsel has dismissed more than 1,000 whistleblower cases in the past year, according to a letter from the Bush-appointed Special Counsel released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The Special Counsel appears to have taken action in very few, if any, of these cases and has yet to represent a single whistleblower in an employment case.

In a letter dated February 14, 2005 and addressed to U.S. Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA), Special Counsel Scott Bloch defends his stormy 13 months in office by pointing to a sharp drop in backlogged whistleblower cases.

“Everyone agrees that backlogs and delays are bad but they are not as bad as simply dumping the cases altogether,” stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, noting that this letter is the first account that Bloch has released of his tenure and that his office’s report for FY 2004, which ended in October, is overdue. “If the Office of Special Counsel under Scott Bloch is not helping whistleblowers then there is no reason for the office to continue to exist.”

According to the figures released by Bloch, in the past year the Office of Special Counsel—

*Dismissed or otherwise disposed of 600 whistleblower disclosures where civil servants have reported waste, fraud, threats to public safety and violations of law. Bloch has yet to announce a single case where he has ordered an investigation into the employee’s charges. Bloch says that 100 disclosures are still pending; and
*Made 470 claims of retaliation disappear. In not one of these cases did Bloch’s office affirmatively represent a whistleblower to obtain relief before the civil service court system, called the Merit Systems Protection Board. Bloch says that another 30 retaliation cases remain in the backlog.

In order to speed dismissals, Bloch instituted a rule forbidding his staff from contacting a whistleblower if their disclosure was deemed incomplete or ambiguous. Instead, OSC would simply dismiss the matter. As a result, hundreds of whistleblowers never had a chance to justify why their cases had merit.

“According to Scott Bloch there is no waste, fraud or abuse in the federal government that deserves investigation,” stated Ruch, noting that there may be even more dismissals than Bloch reported because the numbers cited above are limited to what was defined as a backlog and do not include new cases.

Rep. Waxman and Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL), the ranking minority party members of the House Government Reform Committee and its Civil Service Subcommittee, respectively, had originally written to ask for an investigation by the Government Accountability Office into Bloch’s forced removal of OSC staff, hiring of cronies and failure to answer Freedom of Information Act requests.

Hard Comment: I've seen this story on several blogs over the last couple of days, and a viewer had posted this on another thread, so here it is for all to read.

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FOX NEWS: Officials: Bin Laden Urges Zarqawi to Hit U.S

Fox News...
WASHINGTON — Recent communications between Usama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi indicated that bin Laden has "encouraged Zarqawi and his group to focus on attacks inside the United State, multiple U.S. officials told FOX News on Monday.

The sources would not get into detail about how the communication was made or how it was intercepted by the United States and they pointed out that there is nothing specific in the message — such as maps, specific cities, or buildings — just a message encouraging a "focus" on attacks inside U.S. borders.

Zarqawi, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq and believed to be the inspiration of the ongoing bombings, beheadings and attacks on Iraqi and American forces, pledged his alliance to bin Laden last year and changed the name of his group in Iraq to reflect his tie to Al Qaeda. Iraqi officials said they expect to take Zarqawi soon; they recently nabbed a key associate and the driver of Jordanian-born terror leader.

U.S. officials say Zarqawi has "his hands full" trying to stay out of U.S. or Iraqi custody in Iraq and they question whether Zarqawi's group would have the ability to pull off an attack inside America. Also, officials are wondering aloud what this means about Al Qaeda and whether it means the group is reaching out to its central leader because they are under significant pressure.

Either way, U.S. officials say they are taking the communication seriously.

FOX News' Bret Baier and Nick Simeone contributed to this report.


Why No 'Color Coded Terror Alert?'

Is the heat on Bush with this Iran Mess, is this a diversion to take attention away from the fact that Iran is going to have an Operational Nuclear Facility very shortly?

UPDATE: - Reuters Report on this - Note - No Official To Quote, No Reporters Name to give credit to the story

What do you Think?

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Knight Ridder: Flap over White House press corps is far from over

Knight Ridder Report - Macon Telegraph Publication

(KRT) - The White House correspondent formerly known as Gannon has quit his job and acknowledged his real name, which is Guckert.

And his employer, a conservative Web site operated by Texas Republican activists, having already erased all traces of "Gannon," announced Thursday that it was unplugging its Web site to "reevaluate operations."

But the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert saga is far from over. It remains unclear how a graduate of a conservative training program, someone with no previous journalism experience, someone whose writings were often lifted directly from White House press releases, still managed to gain access to the White House press room, where he spent two years lobbing gentle questions at the press secretary and the President.

And some political analysts who monitor President Bush's relations with the media insist that Gannon (who, referring to Democrats, recently asked Bush, "How are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?") should not be viewed as an isolated case. Rather, they contend that Gannon is symptomatic of a broader White House strategy to undermine the traditional media by disseminating the Bush message in creative new ways.

Every president has sought to manipulate the media. But historians say that Bush, unhappy with what he calls "the filter," is courting controversy in his quest for innovative formats. Several conservative commentators have been paid to trumpet Bush policies in their work; one recipient, Armstrong Williams, is being investigated by the Federal Communications Commission. And two agencies have disseminated pro-Bush videos that look like TV newscasts, without disclosing the Bush sponsorship - a breach of federal law, according to the Government Accountability Office.

The White House has stated that these media decisions were made independently by the agencies. Nevertheless, former Republican strategist Jim Pinkerton, who later worked in the senior George Bush's administration, says: "It's quite clear this White House is exploring radical alternative ways to getting its message out - through the aggressive hiring of flacks like Williams, and the presence, or even planting, of friendly so-called journalists like Gannon.

"The Bush people are challenging all the old assumptions about how to work the press. They are ambitious - visionary, if you will - in ways that Washington has yet to fathom."

Larry Gross, who runs the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California, says: "Richard Nixon hated the press, Bill Clinton hated the press - but they accepted the basic rules of the game. Bush has a strategy of discrediting, end-running, and even faking the news. Those prepackaged videos sent to local TV stations `looked' like news, much the way Gannon `looked' like a reporter. We're seeing something new: Potemkin-village journalism."

By contrast, the Bush administration and its defenders say that the mainstream press is generally hostile to Bush, and therefore, as the President said in 2003, "somehow you just got to go over the heads of the filter." Press secretary Scott McClellan denies that the administration planted Gannon, and says that Gannon sought access on his own: "In this day and age, when you have a changing media, it's not an easy issue to decide or try to pick and choose who is a journalist."

Gannon himself contends that he is a victim of a liberal conspiracy; anti-Bush bloggers, curious about his softball questions, dug into his past last month and quickly learned that he was working for partisan Republicans - and that he had previously worked as a gay escort for hire. Gannon, still using his alias, posted a statement Friday on his personal Web site: "The Left is engaging in 21st Century McCarthyism in an effort to blacklist conservative journalists, in order (to) protect their domination of the media."

Not surprisingly, given the current polarized climate, Gannon critics insist that his presence in the White House was part of a Bush master plan to undercut the mainstream media. But Rich Galen, a Republican strategist and Bush ally, scoffs, saying: "The notion of the White House somehow being involved in a conspiracy to control the news by planting someone like Gannon is just laughable. They (critics) are trying to connect the dots, but they're coloring outside the lines."

Nevertheless, Galen offers a significant admonition: "Partisan organizations properly belong at the Republican National Committee, and at the Democratic National Committee. I don't think the White House should have allowed him in. They knew perfectly well what was going on and who he was writing for."

Indeed, when Gannon first showed up in February 2003, seeking access, he was working for GOPUSA.com, a site run by Texas Republican Bobby Eberle, and dedicated "to spreading the conservative message throughout America." Gannon had never worked for a media outlet. He had attended the Leadership Institute, which is run by conservative leader Morton Blackwell (who helped mentor Bush strategist Karl Rove). The institute's stated mission is "to identify, recruit, train, and place conservatives in politics, government, and media."

Gannon was given a "day pass" - renewed virtually every day for two years - and therefore was exempted from Secret Service scrutiny. He used his real name while applying for his day pass; his tag carried his Gannon alias. As McClellan recently recalled, an aide checked the Internet and confirmed that GOPUSA.com "existed." That was the criterion for admittance. Two months later, Eberle created Talon News, which became Gannon's home. (Last year, already admitted to the White House, Gannon tried and failed to get a congressional pass.)

Gannon, on the job, repeatedly got McClellan out of jams. Last spring, for example, when McClellan was being hit with questions about the torture of Iraqis at the Abu Ghraib prison, Gannon changed the subject: "Will you have any adjectives left to adequately describe the pictures from Saddam's rape room and torture chambers?"

McClellan replied, "I'm glad you brought that up, Jeff."

A year ago, while McClellan was fielding questions about Bush's National Guard service, Gannon told McClellan that at least Bush didn't make any speeches "alongside Jane Fonda." Last summer, Gannon filed stories on Bush policies for Talon News that copied, almost word for word, White House and Republican Party talking points.

But it was a question to Bush last month that put Gannon in the limelight: "Senate Democratic leaders have painted a very bleak picture of the U.S. economy. Harry Reid was talking about soup lines. . . . How are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?" It turned out that Senate Minority Leader Reid had never invoked soup lines. Gannon had borrowed the reference from Rush Limbaugh, who had fabricated it. Limbaugh later admitted on the air that "Harry Reid never said soup lines," but said he was "honored and proud" that Gannon had used it.

Martha Kumar, a political scientist at Towson University in Maryland, who monitors the White House press, says: "Jeff was the kind of person who saw the briefings as an opportunity to air his point of view. Looking back (at the Clinton era), I can't think of any analogous person on the Democratic side. There were no Democratic-trained partisans like Jeff. If there had been anyone like that, you would have heard an uproar on Capitol Hill," from the Republican majority.

Gannon's defenders see him as a martyr. Tim Graham, an analyst at the conservative Media Research Center, says that "conservative journalists ... have every bit as much right to sit in those chairs and ask their own questions as the everyday liberal partisans do." But Gannon's critics are not disputing the credentials of those conservatives with reportorial experience who work for outlets with conservative audiences - such as the National Review, the Washington Times, and Fox News.

Todd Gitlin, a liberal media analyst at Columbia University, sees the Gannon case in dark terms: "It's a psychological thing. Gannon was there, either as a plant or on his own, to deliver the larger message, to convince people that the liberal side is the losing side, that the country doesn't need the mainstream media, and that the administration message is the wave of the future."

Kumar isn't as bleak - she thinks that White House staffers admitted Gannon to err on the side of openness - but she explains why Gannon's story resonates: "The administration's attempts to control information is a hot issue - the sealing of government records, the secrecy of Dick Cheney's energy task force. For many people, the Gannon case fits right in."

Or perhaps Gannon's lack of subtlety is proof that he is an aberration. As he plaintively suggested on NBC the other day, "If the White House was going to use a plant, wouldn't they have picked someone better than me?"

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Comments, Opinions, 'Blog it On' At...
GannonGate - It's Not Going Away
A White House Scandal that Just Might Become a 21st Century Watergate

US Accuses Syria of Torture

U.S. cites human rights abuses in Syria, China, Sudan

Houston Chronicle: Man's inhumanity to man was documented anew today by the State Department as it surveyed human rights abuses last year in scores of countries and found systematic torture in Syria, serious abuses in China and the killing of civilians by government-backed militia in Sudan's troubled Darfur province.

Egypt, a close ally of the United States in Mideast peacemaking, was condemned for security forces torturing prisoners and for mass arrests. Iran's "poor human rights record worsened," the State Department report said.

North Korea, which President Bush has denounced as part of an "axis of evil," is one of the world's most repressive and brutal regimes, the report said. An estimated 150,000 to 200,000 people are believed to be in detention camps in remote areas, and defectors report many have died from torture, starvation and disease.

Syria's human rights record is poor, the report said. Syrians do not have a right to change their government and "continuing serious abuses included the use of torture in detention, which at times resulted in death," unfair trials and arbitrary arrests.

Click Here to Read Entire Houston Chronicle Report

Hard Comment: Well of Course We know that Syria conducts Torture, Right?
We Export Suspects there to Be Tortured - As Reported by the NY Times just Days Ago

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Chris Rock Was Hilarious Last Night on the Oscars - Fox News Weirdo's See it Differently

Hard Oscar Review: Last night, i was fortunate enough to turn on ABC just in time for Chris Rock's piece.

It was Hilarious! I was laughing out loud, and so was my Sweetheart.

After that, I clicked around, and a bit later, clicked back and caught about half of Robbin Williams piece, mocking cartoons, and that was pretty good too. (I never looked as Bugs Bunny as s cross dresser before). Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson as voice's for Cartoon Characters, lol, oh man that was funny also!

So this morning, clicking around the Boob Tube to see what crap if any they are reporting, I found myself watching a Fox News Debate on the 'Attack on Patriotism' from Chris Rock.

Gregg Jarrett, I believe is the name of the Fox News Manikin (a failure from CNBC, where he played a Financial Stock Reporter Role), now over at Fox, and this morning, he was playing the part very well of a 'Shocked, Disgruntled American' after watching the Chris Rock Stunt last night.

The Guests to participate in this 'Fox News Debate' of the quality of last nights hilarious piece by Chris Rock depicted the following....

A Guy who is some sort of Radio Host or something who talked like a werido...
A Woman who was as about as uptight as you can get...
And Gregg Jarrett, a fired News Actor from CNBC now playing the part as a 'Fox News' anchor.


Oh, did I mention that 'Gregg Jarrett', actor, I mean, anchor, was holding up a Newspaper Article depicting Chris Rock's performance as Not Funny, Guess what paper... I'll give you a hint, the same owner of Fox News Owns it.. the 'NY Post'.

Fox News sticks up for the President more than followers of faith stick up for Jerry Falwell... it is so pathetic, it is at the point where, I , found myself laughing at these 3 stooges this morning.

But I guess if you run a zoo, you have to feed the animals, and that was exactly what was going on this morning on Fox, it was Feed for their Audience.

Did anyone else see this last night or see a replay of it yet today? If so, Blog your comments!

"Obviously, Chris Rock as host had an impact in the resurgence of the numbers," said Larry Hyams, vice president of audience analysis and research at ABC.

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Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 110 - Injures over 130

Associated Press Report - Published by Yahoo News

HILLAH, Iraq - A suicide car bomber blasted a crowd of police and national guard recruits Monday as they gathered for physicals outside a medical clinic south of Baghdad, leaving at least 110 people dead and 133 injured — the single deadliest attack in the two-year insurgency.

Torn limbs and other body parts littered the street outside the clinic in Hillah, a predominantly Shiite area about 60 miles south of Baghdad.

Monday's blast outside the clinic was so powerful it nearly vaporized the suicide bomber's car, leaving only its engine partially intact. The injured were piled into pickup trucks and ambulances and taken to nearby hospitals.

Outside the concrete and brick building, people gingerly walked around small lakes of blood that pooled on the street. Scorch marks infused with blood covered the clinic's walls and dozens of people helped pile body parts, including arms, feet and limbs, into blankets. Piles of shoes and tattered clothes were thrown into a corner.

Angry crowds gathered outside the hospital chanting "Allah akbar," Arabic for "God is great," and demanded to know the fate of their relatives.

"I was lined up near the medical center, waiting for my turn for the medical exam in order to apply for work in the police," Abdullah Salih, 22, said. "Suddenly I heard a very big explosion. I was thrown several meters away and I had burns in my legs and hands, then I was taken to the hospital."

Click Here for Full Report

Hard Observation: Chaos in Iraq Sadly Continues

Comments, Opinions?. Blog it On

Saddam to be Tried sitting in a Hannibal Lectern Style Cage

Saddam to face trial in a cage: report
Fallen Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein will be tried in one of his palaces sitting inside a top security Hannibal Lectern-style cage, The Sun newspaper said.

It said the white reinforced metal cage will be similar to the one used to control the character played by Anthony Hopkins in the Silence of the Lambs movie of 1991.

Quoting an unidentified source, Britain's top-selling tabloid said that during the trial - to be held possibly next year - Saddam will be housed in an underground cell and will travel to and from the courtroom cage using a lift.

Saddam is facing charges of war crimes and genocide and will be tried before Iraqi judges in the palace inside Baghdad's Green Zone.

The courtroom is now being fitted out, The Sun said.

Other members of his regime will also face trials, starting later this year.

Hard Comment: When he is found Guilty, I wonder who will Cut Off His Head, and will they tape it and sell the DVD?

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

U.S. Planning Arab-Language TV Broadcasts to Europe

Reuters Report - Published by Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration plans to begin Arab-language satellite-television broadcasts to Europe later this year in a new escalation of its information war against Islamic extremism, officials say.

Three-and-a-half years after Islamic militants based in Germany helped mount the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, U.S.-backed TV channel Alhurra expects to transmit 24-hour programing to European Muslim communities seen as potential breeding grounds of extremism.

France and Germany, which have Western Europe's largest Muslim populations, would be a special focus for news and current affairs programs intended to promote an American ethic of free speech and open debate, officials say.

"The 9/11 hijackers came largely from Europe. It's a significant gap that we were not broadcasting in Arabic to Europe," said Kenneth Tomlinson, chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the U.S. agency in charge of U.S. civilian TV and radio broadcasts overseas.

The planned broadcasts, which would not include Russia, are also meant as competition for Qatar-based channel Al-Jazeera, which administration officials view as an anti-American rival for Muslim public opinion.

"The reason for being (in Europe) is the same as our reason for being in the Middle East: to provide a different perspective ... of America and the world," said Norman Pattiz, who chairs the broadcasting board's Middle East committee.

Start-up funding for the $3.5 million venture would come from President Bush's $81 billion supplemental budget request for military operations in Iraq.

If Congress approves the request within the next several weeks as officials expect, Virginia-based Alhurra could begin broadcasting by next autumn to a Muslim population estimated at 11 million people in Western Europe alone, officials said.

Click here for Full Report

Hard Comment: Thanks for the reader who brought this to the Attention of Hard Attack News.

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Reservist Mom of 14 Month old Baby Called BACK to Duty

Herald Net.com Report

Excerpt: A Granite Falls woman who was released from the Army Reserve after only a few months in uniform was shocked by a recent military mailgram telling her to report for duty next month for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"I thought I was discharged and done," said Andrea DeGeus.

It wasn't so simple.

DeGeus' name was transferred into the Individual Ready Reserve, an administrative roster the Army plucks soldiers from during times of war.

DeGeus, 21, is now struggling to get her Army orders changed. Her biggest worry is 14 months old.

"My daughter. That's everything," DeGeus said, referring to Abby, her toddler.

"Not to mention we could lose our house. What are things going to be like after I leave my job?" DeGeus asked.

"But 90 percent of it is my daughter. What's it going to be like to be away from her for a year and a half to two years, to however long they decide to keep me?"

Click Here to Read Entire Report

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Ann Coulter Labels Helen Thomas an 'Old Arab'

A Catch by Crooks and Liars

Ann Coulter To the Defense of Jeff Gannon?

Ann Coulters February 23rd Column, 6th Paragraph:

Press passes can't be that hard to come by if the White House allows that
old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president. Still, it would be suspicious if Dowd were denied a press pass while someone from "Talon News" got one, even if he is a better reporter.

Click here for Ann Coulters Original Column - 6th Paragraph is Above Excerpt with the word 'Arab'

Click Here for Ann Coulters Syndication of above Rant : The word 'Arab' is deleted.

Hard View: This work by Ann Coulter apparently is some sort of 'Defense' for Jeff Gannon, I don't know, to be honest, I have not read the whole thing. Ann Coulter's opinion or view of anything is meaningless to me.

Hard Comment : Personally, I think networks put her on their shows for Entertainment, kind of like a 'side act' for the audience of the Talk Show Circuit. It will be interesting to see if anything, positive or negative comes from this statement.

John Aravosis, the Blogger of AmericaBlog, his comment :
"Old Arab?" What the hell does that mean? Why does the GOP increasingly tie its party to vile, hateful, angry, bigoted people? Yet at the same time they think they're going to convince Latinos and blacks that they love people of color, really they do. Yeah, right. I can't wait to see the day that the mainstream of the GOP has to deal with an influx of Latinos and blacks in the party. That will be a day to remember.

UPDATE: **Editor and Publisher Has Published a Report On This Story
They write, Ann Coulter, no stanger to controversy

Hard Follow Up Comment: Like I said, 'Personally, I think networks put her on their shows for Entertainment, kind of like a 'side act' for the audience of the Talk Show Circuit.. but now that publications other than 'Blogs' are talking about this, it will be interesting to see how this traveling circus freak show act responds if asked to respond at all on that Idiot Box.

Comments, Opinion,..'Blog It On'

Pentagon announces death of Navy doctor at Guantanamo Bay

Knight Ridder - Grand Folks Herald Publication

MIAMI - (KRT) - Ten months after the fact, the Pentagon Tuesday disclosed the death of a Navy doctor at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba.

Pentagon spokesmen would not explain the circumstances surrounding the death of Navy Cmdr. Adrian Basil Szwec, 43, of Chicago, a 19-year career naval medical officer who died at the base on April 12.

An announcement described Szwec's death only as "a noncombat related incident."
Szwec's death was still under investigation Tuesday by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, a Navy spokeswoman said at the Pentagon, declining to be identified.

It took the Navy 10 months to make the announcement because the Armed Forces Medical Examiner only recently categorized his death as connected to the war on terror, the spokeswoman said, declining to reveal further details.

Szwec had been assigned to the Navy Hospital at Guantanamo since September 2002. He had previously served at the Navy Medical Center in San Diego, Calif.

The Pentagon announcement said he died ``supporting Operation Enduring Freedom'' - the Pentagon's name for the Afghanistan theater in the war on terror. Guantanamo houses the Pentagon's terror prison where the military interrogates and holds some 540 suspects, mostly sent from Afghanistan.

The Navy commander is the first naval officer and at least the fourth service member to die while working at the base since the terror prison was set up three years ago.

_Army Master Sgt. Herbert Claunch, 58, of Wetumpka, Ala., died April 18 - six days after Szwec - after he collapsed on the floor in his quarters near the terror prison. He was assigned to an Alabama National Guard military police unit.

_Army Sgt. Theodore L. Perreault, 33, of Webster, Mass., shot himself and died on Dec. 23, 2003. He was assigned to a Massachusetts National Guard infantry unit that guarded the prison.

_Army Sgt. Ryan Foraker, 31, of Logan, Ohio, died Sept. 24, 2002. Military investigators found his clothing, but not his remains, near a base beach. His death was ruled an accident.
Click Here for original publication

Hard Comment: Only do to someone like you did this story come of the attention of Hard Attack. Got something to say, a story to post?.. Blog it Now!

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CHAOS IN IRAQ OPEN THREAD: Sunday: Kidnapped TV Reporter Found Dead - Iraqi 'Spies' Beheaded - New Rules Inflaming Hate Among the Masses

Buffalo News Report - TV anchor found dead on street in Mosul

Excerpt: The body of an anchorwoman for a U.S.-funded state television station - a mother of four who had been kidnapped last week - was found Saturday dumped on a street in the northern city of Mosul.

The body of Raiedah Mohammed Wageh Wazan, the 35-year-old news presenter for the U.S.-funded Nineveh TV, was found six days after she was kidnapped by masked gunmen, according to her husband, who said she had been shot four times in the head.

"This is a criminal act. She was an innocent woman who did not hurt anybody in all her life. I asked her several times to quit for the sake of her safety, but she refused," said Salim Saad-Allah, the husband.

The mother of three boys and a girl had been threatened with death several times by insurgents who demanded that she quit her job, Saad-Allah said.

The U.S. military confirmed that insurgents had threatened station employees.

Click Here for Entire Report



Yahoo-AP: Excerpt : Iraqi police inspect the headless body of an Iraqi woman found with a note attached saying simply 'Spy', who they presumed was killed by insurgents, in the Ghazzaliyah area of western Baghdad, Iraq Sunday, Feb. 27, 2005. The item on top of the body is a blood-soaked sponge. Four other beheaded corpses were reportedly found Sunday on a farm in Latifiyah, 30 kilometers (20 miles) south of Baghdad. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)



New Rules Piss Off the Masses - Demonstrations - Police Fire on Demonstrators

Yahoo-AP: Iraqis chant anti-police slogans during a demonstration of some two thousand people who denounced the prohibition of right hand drive cars in Iraq's second largest city of Basra, February 27, 2005. Many other Gulf States drive right hand drive cars, but Basra's transport police have decided to enforce a ban against these vehicles. Many Iraqis buy cheap second hand cars across the border in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and bring them home, as there are no import taxes. REUTERS/Atef Hassan




Hard Comment: None of this, which is all happening now, is being reported on the Manipulation Box, aka, TV - Network News, or is it?

Can anyone tell me if any of this has been reported today, Sunday Morning on 'Meet the Press' or 'Wolf Blitzer Action Reporter' - or, dare I ask, 'Fox News'?

Hard View: Regarding the right hand cars,,, what the hell is going on, with all the chaos, with all of the bad sentiment, why in the world would they want to piss off everyone with their cars being banned, is this to open the floodgates of used US automobiles? Talk about throwing Gasoline on a Burning Pipeline... geezus .

What do you guys think about any of this or all the other sad developments coming about in the 'New Iraq'?

Comments, Opinions Welcomed... 'Blog it On'

Feinstein Fights to Reinstate Assault Rifle Law

San Francisco Chronicle Reports

Excerpt: California Sen. Dianne Feinstein renewed one of Washington's long- running and most bitterly fought battles Friday, saying she will introduce legislation seeking to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban that expired in September after 10 years.

Gun control has been a signature issue for Feinstein since she arrived in the Senate in 1993. But the odds she faces to pass the weapons ban in the current Congress are probably steeper than they were in 1993, when the Senate narrowly approved the ban, or last March, when it passed 52-47 before dying in the body.

.............. "This time, I hope for the safety of all Americans, President Bush, Senate Majority Leader (Bill) Frist and Speaker Hastert will help re-enact this important legislation," she said.

In disclosing her decision, Feinstein cited the shooting deaths Thursday of two Los Angeles city workers by a co-worker apparently armed with an AK-47 rifle as an example of why the law is needed.

"Once again, we've seen the tragic consequence of the ready availability of assault weapons throughout our society,'' she said.

Click Here to Read Entire Report

Hard Comment: Well, it seems Assault Weapons are being used all over the place. Two in California this week apparently, and we all know about what happened in Texas.

In Case you didn't hear what happened in Texas, here it is..
Guns Good - Vibrators Bad - Red State Moral Mentality

Comments, Opinions Anyone? . Blog it On

Russia-Iran nuclear deal signed

BBC Reports - Russia-Iran nuclear deal signed

Excerpt: Russia and Iran have signed an agreement for Moscow to supply fuel to Iran's new nuclear reactor in Bushehr.

Under the deal Iran has to return spent nuclear fuel rods from the reactor, which was designed and built by Russia.

The clause is a safeguard meant to banish fears that Iran might misuse the rods to build nuclear weapons, a concern of the US, Israel and others.

Click Here for Full Report

Hard Comments: If any other country has objections to this, they have to 'blow it up' now, or forever deal with the fact that Iran has a key tool in order to make Nuclear Weapons.

It's an interesting clause that Russia has put in the deal for the return of the 'Rods'.

Hard View: It would be a disaster to attack such a facility after it was running, so, its now or never.

As 'Blogged' by a Hard Attack Forecast Last week, Israel should be attacking these facitilities shortly.

Comments, Opinions?, 'Blog it On'

Kurds Vow to Retain Militia as Guardians of Autonomy

NY Times Report

SARAI SUBHAN AGHA, Iraq, Feb. 23 - The camouflage-clad militiamen marched down from the mountains in four columns of hundreds each, stomping their boots in unison.

"Keep looking forward!" an officer yelled.

"Kurdistan or death!" the soldiers shouted at once, their words thundering over the sound of heels striking the ground.

Here at a training camp in the eastern hills of Iraqi Kurdistan, there is little doubt about to whom these soldiers owe their allegiance.

Many say their first loyalty lies with a major Kurdish political party. Then they offer it to Kurdistan, the rugged autonomous region in northern Iraq the size of Switzerland. There is little mention of the nation of Iraq or the Iraqi Army.

"All of the pesh merga of Kurdistan, we're fighting for Kurdistan," one of the soldiers, Fermen Ibrahim, 25, told a visitor, calling the militia by its Kurdish name, which means "those who face death."

As political jockeying rages in Baghdad to determine the shape of the new government - how Islamic it will be, whether it has strong or weak central powers - one of the most troublesome issues emerging is whether political parties, especially those of the Kurds and Shiites, can keep their private armies. Kurdish leaders say they intend to write into the new constitution a system granting considerable powers to individual regions, one that will legitimize their use of the pesh merga.
If the Kurds succeed, they will achieve the right of regional powers to set up their own armies, possibly leading to warlord-style fiefs across Iraq. Until their strong showing in the recent national elections, Kurdish leaders appeared to agree, at least in public, with the American goal of dismantling militias. Now they stand in open defiance of it.

Click Here to Read Entire NY Times Report - Free Registration is Required

Hard Comment: According to the CIA WORLD FACTBOOK there is no Country currently known as 'Kurdistan'.

So what could these Kurdish Militia Fighters pledging 'Kurdistan or Death' have in mind?

Could this be the makings of a Civil War within the borders of the country currently known as Iraq down the road?

Kurds & Shi'ites with their own Private Armies, along with the Iraqi Army?

Sounds kind of crowded doesn't it?

What do you think?

Comments, Opinions, Blog it On

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Within C.I.A., Growing Worry of Prosecution ( for 'Interrogation Techniques' )

NY Times Report

Excerpt: There is widening unease within the Central Intelligence Agency over the possibility that career officers could be prosecuted or otherwise punished for their conduct during interrogations and detentions of terrorism suspects, according to current and former government officials.

Until now, only one C.I.A. employee, a contract worker from North Carolina, has been charged with a crime in connection with the treatment of prisoners, stemming from a death in Afghanistan in 2003. But the officials confirmed that the agency had asked the Justice Department to review at least one other case, from Iraq, to determine if a C.I.A. officer and interpreter should face prosecution.

In addition, the current and former government officials said the agency's inspector general was now reviewing at least a half-dozen other cases, and perhaps many more, in what they described as an expanding circle of inquiries to determine whether C.I.A. employees had been involved in any misconduct.

Previously, intelligence officials have acknowledged only that "several" cases were under review by the agency's inspector general. But one government official said, "There's a lot more out there than has generally been recognized, and people at the agency are worried."

Of particular concern, the officials said, is the possibility that C.I.A. officers using interrogation techniques that the government ruled as permissible after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks might now be punished, or even prosecuted, for their actions in the line of duty.

Click Here to Read Entire NY Times Report

Hard View: CIA Agents Worrying about Carrying out Orders? Very Interesting.

Comments, Opinions, Views, 'Blog it On'

Homeless Man Brings Landmark Case in Fight Over Commandments

Tampa Bay Online - AP Report

Excerpt: AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - As he strolls from the Texas Supreme Court to the state Capitol, Thomas Van Orden recounts the ominous e-mails that warn "we're gonna get you" and tell him to "get the hell out" if he can't support the American way of life.

Van Orden shrugs off the angry responses to his lawsuit seeking to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Capitol grounds. A Vietnam veteran and former lawyer who is now homeless, Van Orden says he already "went to hell" and is still finding his way back.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether that 6-foot granite monument - bearing the words "I am the Lord thy God" - and two similar displays at Kentucky courthouses constitute unconstitutional government establishment of religion.

Many conservatives warn that if the states lose, the ruling would force the removal of similar objects from memorials and public spaces across America. Dozens of demonstrators are expected for rallies and prayers outside the courthouse in Washington while the case is argued inside.

Click Here to Read the Entire Report Published by Tampa Bay Online - AP

Hard Comment: I haven't really been watching any Manipulation News on the Boob Tube, has this been talked about at all by the Usual Suspects?

How did the Statue's get there in the first place, where they put there after proper protocol was followed or did they show up there overnight years ago?

What Do You Guys Think?

Comments, Opinons Welcomed... 'Blog it On'

Ku Klux Klan Sect Leader Sentenced for Pipe Bomb - Terrorist Laws Applied

NY Times Report: Klan Sect Leader Sentenced for Pipe Bomb

Excerpt: PITTSBURGH (AP) -- The leader of a Ku Klux Klan splinter group was sentenced to 12 years in prison Friday in what prosecutors said was the nation's first conviction under a new anti-terror law.

David Wayne Hull, 42, was convicted of teaching a government informant posing as an anti-abortion activist how to use a pipe bomb at a November 2002 white supremacist gathering on Hull's property south of Pittsburgh.

Federal prosecutors said Hull also gave the informant parts to make a bomb.

The 2002 anti-terror statute bans instructing others how to use pipe bombs or other dangerous weapons to commit a crime. It carries a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

Hull testified at his May trial that he suspected the informant might be working for the government so he didn't give him a fuse along with the other bomb parts.

Hull's group, the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, had a Web site showing his picture and address, but it was taken down after he was indicted. Authorities believe the group is now defunct.

NY Times

Hard Observation: Who would have thought that the new Terrorist Laws would be applied in this form.

What law would have been applied against this Bomb Instructor had these New Terrorist Laws never been made law? I am sure he would have faced some sort of action from the court system.

I wonder how all of the Evangelical Leaders and their followers who support this 'New America', under the 'Bush Administration' are taking this news? They believe Abortion is evil, work of the devil, etc. And now the New Terror Laws are being used like this, hmmm, something tells me there are a lot of crusaders of the 'New America' out there that are feeling a little bit confused, or maybe, feeling double crossed?

What do you Guys Think?

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Powell criticises Iraq troop levels and rift with Europe

Telegraph Publication

Excerpt: Colin Powell, the former US secretary of state, has for the first time publicly criticised troops levels in Iraq and spoken of the rifts between himself and Donald Rumsfeld, the defence secretary, that undermined his role as architect of American foreign policy.

.........Admitting that Mr Rumsfeld's controversial plan to fight the war with limited troop numbers had been an outstanding success, Mr Powell said the "nation building" that followed had been deeply flawed.

There had been "enough troops for war but not for peace, for establishing order. My own preference would have been for more forces after the conflict."

Read Entire Report

Hard Fact : 708 Days Since the Iraq Attack - No Weapons of Mass Destruction to Report

Comments - Opinions?. Blog it On!

Tom Ridge Joins Home Depot Board

Former Homeland Security Chief Joins Home Depot Board

CBS Marketwatch: Excerpt: Ridge, the former governor of Pennsylvania, was the first director of Homeland Security -- a federal department formed hastily in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. He left that post in late November, saying he wanted to pursue opportunities in the private sector.

"We are honored to have [Ridge] join our board, where we expect that his unique global experience and perspective will make a profound contribution to our company and our shareholders," said Home Depot Chief Executive Bob Nardelli.

**Ridge is quite familiar with home-improvement projects. He was instrumental in a short-lived run on duct tape in early 2003, when he encouraged Americans to turn to the sticky substance and plastic sheeting as protection against terrorists using chemical and/or biological agents.

Read The Entire CBS Marketwatch Report

Hard Observation: Regarding that 3rd paragraph,... It made me laugh.

How about you guys?

Opinions, Comments... 'Blog It On'

Must Read: Thrown to the Wolves - A Suspect Rounded Up 3 Years Ago, Reveals Chilling Details

Bob Herbert Op Ed - Published by the NY Times

Excerpt: If John Ashcroft was right, then I was staring into the malevolent, duplicitous eyes of pure evil, the eyes of a man with the mass murder of Americans on his mind. But all I could really see was a polite, unassuming, neatly dressed guy who looked like a suburban Little League coach.

If Mr. Ashcroft was right, then Maher Arar should have been in a U.S. prison, not talking to me in an office in downtown Ottawa. But there he was, a 34-year-old man who now wears a perpetually sad expression, talking about his recent experiences - a real-life story with the hideous aura of a hallucination. Mr. Arar's 3-year-old son, Houd, loudly crunched potato chips while his father was being interviewed.

"I still have nightmares about being in Syria, being beaten, being in jail," said Mr. Arar. "They feel very real. When I wake up, I feel very relieved to find myself in my room."

In the fall of 2002 Mr. Arar, a Canadian citizen, suddenly found himself caught up in the cruel mockery of justice that the Bush administration has substituted for the rule of law in the post-Sept. 11 world. While attempting to change planes at Kennedy Airport on his way home to Canada from a family vacation in Tunisia, he was seized by American authorities, interrogated and thrown into jail. He was not charged with anything, and he never would be charged with anything, but his life would be ruined.

Mr. Arar was surreptitiously flown out of the United States to Jordan and then driven to Syria, where he was kept like a nocturnal animal in an unlit, underground, rat-infested cell that was the size of a grave. From time to time he was tortured.

He wept. He begged not to be beaten anymore. He signed whatever confessions he was told to sign. He prayed.

Among the worst moments, he said, were the times he could hear babies crying in a nearby cell where women were imprisoned. He recalled hearing one woman pleading with a guard for several days for milk for her child.

The Justice Department has alleged, without disclosing any evidence whatsoever, that Mr. Arar is a member of, or somehow linked to, Al Qaeda. If that's so, how can the administration possibly allow him to roam free? The Syrians, who tortured him, have concluded that Mr. Arar is not linked in any way to terrorism.

And the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a sometimes-clownish outfit that seems to have helped set this entire fiasco in motion by forwarding bad information to American authorities, is being criticized heavily in Canada for failing to follow its own rules on the handling and dissemination of raw classified information.

Click Here for Entire Article - Free Hassle Free NY Times Registration is Required

Hard Comment: This story sickens me, this poor guy was never charged, 'suspicion'.
The so called 'Liberal Dominated Media', I doubt this will make it to CNN, MSNBC or Fox News.

What Really chills me is the fact that this guy, in those cellars, was hearing babies crying and mother's pleading for food for them, geezus, I am F*%#ing disgusted right now.

How do you feel after reading this?

Comments, Opinion's, 'Blog it On'

Aboard Air CIA - Shuttling Suspects for Interrogation Facilities Worldwide

NewsWeek Investigative Report..

The agency ran a secret charter service, shuttling detainees to interrogation facilities worldwide. Was it legal? What's next? A NEWSWEEK investigation

Excerpt: Feb. 28 issue - Like many detainees with tales of abuse, Khaled el-Masri had a hard time getting people to believe him. Even his wife didn't know what to make of his abrupt, five-month disappearance last year. Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent, says he was taken off a bus in Macedonia in south-central Europe while on holiday on Dec. 31, 2003, then whisked in handcuffs to a motel outside the capital city of Skopje. Three weeks later, on the evening of Jan. 23, 2004, he was brought blindfolded aboard a jet with engines noisily revving, according to his lawyer, Manfred Gnjidic. Masri says he climbed high stairs "like onto a regular passenger airplane" and was chained to clamps on the bare metal floor and wall of the jet.

Click Here to Read Entire Published Report

What wonderful questions our children and grandchildren will have to ask of us in years to come, don't you think?

What Are Your Views?

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Bank of America says at least 1.2 million federal employee credit card accounts may be exposed to theft or hacking

Time Magazine Reports...

A New Cyber-Security Breach

Excerpt: In the financial world's latest cyber-identity crisis, Bank of America today is warning the holders of at least 1.2 million of its federal employee credit card accounts that a major security breach may have left their account information exposed to theft or hacking, according to a senior U.S. official and Bank spokeswoman.

The U.S. official said that federal law enforcement is investigating the loss of several Bank of America data backup tapes that were being transferred across country by air when they disappeared in December. "We are proactively sending letters to impacted cardholders," said Alexandra Trower, spokesperson for Charlotte-based Bank of America. She said that after intensive account-monitoring, the tapes are at this point believed to be lost, not stolen. "We, with federal law authorities, have done a very robust, thorough investigation on this and neither we nor they would make the statement lightly that we believe those tapes to be lost," she said. "We have no evidence that the tapes have been accessed in any way. We have witnessed no unusual activity. And we've been monitoring the situation very closely."

Click Here to Read Entire Report

Hmmm... What Do You Think About This?

Comments, Opinions, 'Blog it On'

Iraq's neighborhood councils are vanishing

Christian Science Monitor Reports

After their members were killed, many councils were scared out of existence.

Click Here for Full Story

Has anyone noticed any of the News Networks Reporting about this?

Comments and Opinions? Blog it On!

The Democratic Party has Failed to Report for Duty

Rawstory is reporting this afternoon that 5 Democratic Senators have signed a letter to Bush calling for a Gannon Inquiry.

Yes, 5 ! Funny, I didn't know that the Republicans had 95 seats, did you?

Hard Commentary: The Democratic Party has Failed to Report for Duty

Last Week, Joe Biden on the Bill Maher Show answered a question, and basically lied to everyone.

Bill Maher asked, 'Why do the Republicans Get a Pass on this sort of stuff when you know this is impeachable with the other party?'

Joe Biden Lied to everyone by blaming 'The Press'

Guess what? It is the Fault of the Current Senators of the Democatic Party, its Joe Biden, it's Chuck Schumer, its Ted Kennedy, it's Hillary Clinton, it's the fault of every single elected Democratic Senator who did not sign this letter demanding an Inquiry into the GannonGate Affair too. If every Democratic Senator signed this letter, the Press would be covering it.

According to this Rawstory Report, Aides to Senator Durbin, (a Senator that did sign this letter for inquiry) Senator Durbin was frustrated by the fact that most Senators returned to their home states for the Congressional Recess. (So we are to believe that these Senators Could Not Send One Team of Courier's to each Senators Home so they could sign it individually? - Give me a Break)

Right Now, I feel like telling them to Stay Home!

Are many of these Democrats possibly guilty of the same damm thing? What is the problem here? Have these Career Politicians something to hide? Do they have phony reporters asking them questions? What the Hell is Going On?

Same old Story...

Good Jobs have been leaving America, Lousy Jobs leaving America, Drugs still rampant across America, taxes going up, nothing is changing, same old problems everywhere, everything is getting worse and Grandma's Depends being searched in order to get on a plane, but the borders are wide open!

Flash: I Voted for Ross Perot!

There was a reason why I voted for Ross Perot twice, Ross Perot was absolutely correct regarding that 'giant sucking sound' Its happening, but he didn't even see the vortex of that giant sucking sound of the American Job base going to China, bypassing Mexico the way it has. Funny how American's are not just competing with 3rd Worlds, but now we are competing with Communism. Maybe the Corporations who fund both Republicans and Democrats Equally would like to see Communism here in America, so the attitude will be, 'Do Your Job and Shut Up!', I can't think of one company that wouldn't want to shut up their workforces complaints, do you?

What was Kerry's Response to this crisis affecting all of us? Fix the Tax Code to stop the exodus of jobs that reward companies to leave the United States, who passed those laws? I bet some votes by Senators that made those laws possible years ago were voted by some of the very same politicians who failed to report to duty this week by making sure their signature was on this inquiry for the GannonGate Affair.

Ross Perot also urged a need to rebuild the infrastucture of the United States, something I agreed with, and yet, well, let me just point out that not 1 new bridge has been built in my neck of the Concrete Jungle that surrounds me.

Funny, Ross Perot got what, 17% of the vote? That was a surprise to everyone. (So was the election win of Jesse Ventura, he suprised the hell out of everyone too, didn't he.)

Flash: I supported Nadar as a Protest Vote

In 2000, I supported Ralph Nadar, not because I thought he was the man for the job, even though most everytime I heard him speak, he made sense, but it was also in protest because I felt that Al Gore and George Bush made a perfect pair of testicles. I like many of you out there, felt over the years that all politicians suck. Am I right? How many of you out there think or have thought that all politicians suck? We have all had that feeling at one point or another. If you can't admit that to yourself, well, I feel for you.

What is to come?

Fortunatly for the current new base of the Democratic Party and I will admit I am one of 'them', John Kerry did sign this Letter calling for an inquiry into the Gannon Affair, otherwise there would be, oh, I'd say 15 Million voters, give or take a Million, that would be screaming at Kerry, (You Know how Political Rookies can be!) and many who wound up voting last time around would never vote again after finally getting off their asses and voting for the 2004 Presidential make or break election that is now history.

Well I can say that Fortunatly for society, many of us who are now involved, many of US who have voted for the first time in the last Presidential Election now understand that involvement means getting involved at the local level. In time, those of us who have either transferred over from the Republican Party, Independent Party, or Grateful Dead Party and are now involved in the Democratic Party at the local level, will be able to help fix this Party, which, after this weeks failure to report to duty by basically the entire Democratic Party Senate regarding this Gannon Inquiry demonstates that this Party is Broken and in need of a complete overhaul. We are now the mechanics for the job, and we will determine if it can or cannot be fixed. If it can be fixed, great, but if it cannot be fixed, then the time will come to face reality, and Junk It, like that old car that we loved but were tired of fixing all the time. We Junked It, and we Moved On.

Moved On, well here we are. Maybe the broken parts of the Democratic Party have taken the efforts of the Millions who got involved during this last Presidential Election for Granted. The bake sales on their front lawns, the house parties where concerned citizens volunteered and held meetings in their homes to total strangers, all with a common goal, they did not want to see President Bush re elected, maybe we have all been taken for granted.

Let us not forget everyone who got involved in the rock the vote effort, all those who just stood on their local street corners with a sign, the bumper stickers, the debates, the arguments with friends and families, maybe all of us who got involved, maybe some of the broken parts of the Democratic Party have taken all of this great enormous effort for granted.

That doesn't mean we are going to accept it, are we?

What Can We Do?

Maybe we will all Move On. But not out to pasture, not out out sight, not out of touch, not without a voice but Move On, Into the New Day, Morph into a New Political Party, for the Sun will come up, New Days will Arrive, and it is Up to all of us who give a damm, to Stay Active, in order for Our Society to Survive!

That is How I feel this afternoon.

How do you feel?

Go ahead, Blog it!

11 California Seniors Denied Access to Life-sustaining Drugs in FDA Seizure of Prescriptions at LAX

Click Here to Read Entire Report

Excerpt: Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2005 -- Only a week after a panel appointed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended allowing the sale of known potentially harmful pain-relieving drugs as an ‘acceptable risk’, the agency seized a shipment of life-sustaining drugs, including Lipitor, a cholesterol-lowering prescription, intended for delivery to 11 California senior citizens. The seizure took place at Los Angeles Airport.

The shipment came from a licensed pharmacy in another country. An FDA spokesperson said the reason for the seizure was that the drugs were ‘misbranded’ and ‘unapproved,’ although all Lipitor is manufactured at FDA-approved facilities outside the U.S. by Pfizer, Inc.

Click Here to Read Entire Report

Hard View: I will plagiarize a comment I read that was posted over at
'Democratic Underground'...
"free trade" except when it affects us, chant the corporations.Welcome to the police state. We can ship your job overseas but it's a crime to try to get drugs you can actually afford.

What Do You Think?

Blog Your Thoughts Now!

Official: Iran May Hide Nukes in Tunnels - AP Report - Reporters Name Oddly Not Available

Published by Yahoo - Associated Press Report -

Excerpt: PARIS - Iran may be hiding its nuclear technology inside special tunnels because of threats of attack by the United States, Tehran's chief nuclear negotiator said in an interview published Friday.

Hassan Rowhani, who has been negotiating with Germany, Britain and France over Iran's uranium enrichment program, was asked by an interview for the Le Monde newspaper: "Is it accurate that Iran has built tunnels meant to serve Iran's nuclear activities?"

Rowhani responded that reports Iran was building tunnels to hide its nuclear technology "could be true," he said.

"From the moment the Americans threaten to attack our nuclear sites, what are we to do? We have to put them somewhere," Rowhani said.

Click Here to Read the Whole Report

Hard Observation: I noticed that there is no 'reporters' name attached to this report, just the AP logo. I went clicking on several other stories, all published by Yahoo, and they all had reporters names underneath the title.

What Do You Think?

Blog your thoughts, its easy, and its totally annonymous.

Warning from the markets (S. Korea to diversify away from the US Dollar)

This is from the International Herald, N.Y. Times

Excerpt: Enter South Korea. On Monday, its central bank reported that it intended to diversify into other currencies and away from dollar-based assets. And why not? It holds about $69 billion in U.S. Treasury securities, or 4 percent of the total foreign Treasury holdings. Such dollar-based investments lose value as the dollar weakens, leading to losses that any cautious banker would want to avoid. But as the Korean comment ping-ponged around the world, all hell broke loose, with currency traders selling dollars for fear that the central banks of Japan and China, which hold immense dollar reserves - a combined $900 billion, or 46 percent of foreign Treasury holdings - might follow suit.

That would be the United States' worst economic nightmare. If it appeared that the flow of investment from abroad was not enough to cover the nation's gargantuan deficits, interest rates would soar, the dollar would plunge, and the economy would stall.

Tuesday's sell-off of dollars did not precipitate a meltdown. But it sure gave a taste of one. The dollar suffered its worst single-day decline in two months against the yen and the euro. Stock markets in New York, London, Paris and Frankfurt, Germany, dropped, and gold and oil prices, which tend to go up when the dollar goes down, spiked.

Luckily, the markets calmed down Wednesday, as Asian central banks said they did not intend to shun dollars. While such damage control is welcome, it's no fix. Tuesday's market episode has its roots in American structural imbalances that will be corrected only by new policies, not more of the same tax-cut-and-weak-dollar deficit-bloating ploys. If George W. Bush were half the capitalist he claims he is, he would listen to what the markets are telling him.

Read the Entire Report

What Do You Think?

Comments, Opinions, Welcomed, 'Blog it ON'

Update from Yesterday on Nut Who Opened Fire with High Powered Rifle outside Texas Courthouse

Man firing an AK-47 kills ex-wife, bystander in Tyler

Houston Chronicle: Excerpt: Upset over child support, a man wearing body armor and firing an AK-47 rifle killed his ex-wife and a bystander in the Tyler town square Thursday, police said.

After wounding four others and fleeing in a pickup, he was shot and killed by peace officers in a roadside gunbattle.

Two officers with the Smith County Sheriff's Department, a Tyler police officer and the man's son were injured, police spokesman Don Martin said.

Click Here to Read the Entire Report by Houston Chronicle

Hard View: So not only did this nut show up with an AK 47 - he put on Body Armor.
Well, this is what the Republicans want, AK 47's for everyone to protect themselves right?

But Don't Be Selling any Dildo's for Sexual Pleasure....
From Yesterday....
Texas: Have Gun Can Kill - But Don't You Sell Those Evil Vibrators
I dare ya to give that a Click!

Hard Fact: In Texas, it is illegal to Sell Dildo's for Sexual Pleasure, but if you want to buy a Gun, by all means, that is your Constitutional Right! And Now, Assault Weapons are Available for you just in case you prefer one.

Comments, Opinions? ... Come on and 'Blog it On'

Tax schemes saved 61 top firms $3.4B

USA Today Reports... (Published by Yahoo News)

Excerpt: Fortune 500 companies took advantage of abusive tax shelters sold to them by their auditors to avoid $1.8 billion in federal taxes from 1998 through 2003, the Government Accountability Office reported Thursday.

During that time, the GAO said, 61 Fortune 500 companies avoided a total of $3.4 billion in taxes through auditor-inspired tax schemes, sometimes while providing tax advice to their top executives.

Sen. Carl Levin (news, bio, voting record), D-Mich., said the GAO report highlights the need for stronger auditor-independence rules. He said Ernst & Young's work for Sprint and its executives in 2000 was an example of "serious conflict of interest problems that can arise from this situation."

Click Here for Full Report

Hard View: You have to give them an 'E' for Excellence and a 'C' for Creativity!

Comments? Opinions?.... 'Blog it On'

Internet Creator Takes On High Road Trucking & Krispy Kreme Donuts Go Sour

USA Today Reports..

Former tech executive segues to trucker

Excerpt: As Tim Krauskopf steers his 33-ton rig and its load of frozen bagels down an Illinois highway, he is indistinguishable from other truckers hauling loads across the nation. But the 41-year-old in his blue jeans and baseball cap isn't your average trucker. He owns his own small trucking firm, for starters. He's also a millionaire several times over.

What really singles out the bespectacled man from suburban Chicago is what he did before he became a trucker: At the dawn of the Internet Age in the 1990s, he was one of the 20- and 30-something whiz kids who helped make the Internet what it is today.

Click Here for Full Report

Hard View: Something Tells Me this Tech Turned Trucker will figure out how to Modernize Trucking with insight that is beyond most of our imaginations...

One thing is for sure, Krispy Kreme Donuts Needs More customers out there, and we all know truckers love donuts and coffee right?. I bet Krispy Kreme would love for more guys to hit the road and stop in for some of their products for their sales suck and they are now facing a Criminal Probe. Looks like they aren't living up to the 'Sweetness' that was portrayed way back when they went public and the CNBC TV Manikins were promoting, oops, did I say promoting, sorry, I meant Reporting, yes, Reporting on the IPO of Krisy Kreme Donuts.

USA Today Reports....
Krispy Kreme shares fall on probe reports

Shares of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD) hit a low Thursday after the doughnut chain revealed it is the target of a criminal probe by federal prosecutors

The company said the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York has asked to interview current and former executives. Krispy Kreme also said it thinks prosecutors in this latest investigation are looking into the same matters that the Securities and Exchange Commission has been investigating since last year.

Click Here for Full Report

What do you think?

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9 Afghan Soldiers Shot Dead in Taleban ambush

From Friday's BBC..

Taleban rebels have shot dead nine Afghan soldiers in an ambush in southern Helmand province. The attack took place in the Chakul area close to the Pakistan border late on Thursday, an Afghan official said. Taleban spokesman Mullah Latif Hakimi confirmed its fighters had carried out the raid, one of the bloodiest attacks on government troops in months.

Click Here for Full BBC Report

Related Story Linked to Hard Attack news Earlier This Week...

From Indo Asian News....
Pakistani army ordered to fire at 'intruding' US troops

Excerpt: Islamabad, Feb 22 (IANS) In what is seen as the first signal of Pakistan's assertion against US policies in its area, Islamabad has ordered the army to shoot at US troops if they intrude into the country from Afghanistan without authorisation.

"Pakistan has issued new rules of engagement permitting its army to fire at US forces that cross the border from Afghanistan without coordinating first," the Daily Times newspaper said Tuesday in a report from Washington.

The report is based on a "deep background" column in the magazine 'American Conservative' by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, who is now an international security consultant and writer on intelligence matters.

"President Musharraf has been receiving angry reports from his military that US forces have been engaging in hot pursuit across the border in violation of bilateral agreements," the article said.

The Pakistan president is also said to be unhappy about the recent abrupt withdrawal of Predators and other surveillance resources from Pakistan for transfer to Iraq for use against Iran, the report said.

Quoting high-level Pakistani sources, it said Musharraf and his army chiefs "expended a great deal of political capital" in their support of the Al Qaeda hunt, clashing frequently with hostile tribesmen along the border.

"The US Central Command's January announcement that the drones and other supporting surveillance technologies that were being used against Al Qaeda would be withdrawn to support 'elections in Iraq' was an unpleasant surprise, particularly when 'in Iraq' turned out to be a euphemism for 'against Iran'," it added.

The drones have not yet been returned and many operations in the border areas are reported to be on hold, the report said.

"Musharraf has had a difficult time explaining to his own supporters in the military, and to the Pakistani public, why he continues to be so supportive of US policies in the region," it said.

Click Here for Original Publication from Indo Asian News

Hard View: So things are possibly heating up in Afghanistan Again, and the attack on the Afghan troops was near the Afghanistan - Pakistan Border. In the future, if attacks occur and the attackers retreat across into the Pakistan region, do the Afghanistan Troops / US Troops chasing them have to Stop? This question is raised now, with this second 'related' report, based on a report by a retired CIA agent working for the 'American Conservative' has any validity to it, well, who knows...

What Do You Think?

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Senator Lieberman's Office Responds to Complaints made against him by Key Bloggers

Rawstory Reports Senator Lieberman's Press Secretary has Responded to Complaints made against the Senator in regards to his position, or failure to take a position, (depending on how you look at it) in regards to the Privatization of Social Security Accounts.

Click to Read the Entire Rawstory Report Here

Hard View: During the Democratic Presidential Debates last year, as Lieberman was up against all of the other candidates, I believe it was the debate when all of them made fools of themselves by trying to speak Spanish, Lieberman appeared to be someone out of touch with the reality of the working class.

In response to one of the Questions, Topics, Lieberman made a statement in which he pretty much said, 'There should be a program where you can keep your health insurance in the event you lose your job until you find a new place of employment', with that look of concern in his eyes like he cares, but funny thing, there is such a program, it is called 'Cobra'. You get to pay the entire insurance Premium that your company was paying for you until you find a new job. After 18 Months, you are dropped from the plan, but get to keep the Insurance plan if you so desire, with of course an added premium because you are no longer in the 'Group Plan' of your former employer.

What is the Point? The Point is Lieberman is 'Out of Touch', and individuals like him are the reason slogan's like 'Term Limits' have come to exist in today's society.

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Teens Arrested For Making Mock 'Cops' Video

Excerpt: MORGAN HILL, Calif. -- Some California teens are facing probation and fines after acting out scenes from the popular TV show "Cops" in public.

A Morgan Hill resident called police last week to report suspcious behavior. Morgan Hill is south of San Jose.

The three teenagers videotaped themselves acting out mock vehicle stops, conducting pat downs and pulling out fake bags of powder that were designed to look like cocaine.

The teens even used a toy gun. One of them can be seen pointing the gun on the videotape.

Police arrested the teens under an ordinance banning the possession or use of realistic-looking toy guns in public.

Click Here for Full Report / Access to Video

Hard View: Oh well, I guess 'Cops and Robbers' will be going to pasture like dodgeball and other activities that hurt someones feelings.

Neighbor's calling the cops, a Panic Stricken Society.

What Do You Think?

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Pakistan: Christian Man Jailed for Insulting the Koran

From the Scotsman...
Excerpt: A Pakistani court has convicted and sentenced a Christian man to seven years in prison for insulting Islam’s holy book, the Koran, as he practiced magic, police said today.

A court delivered the ruling on Monday against Bashir Masih, 35, in the town of Chistian, about 90 miles northeast of Multan, a major city in eastern Punjab province, said Haji Nazir Ahmed, a local police official.

Masih was arrested in August last year in the cotton-growing village of Chak 109 Fateh after a Muslim man complained to police that Masih was insulting the Koran by putting his legs on the holy book while he lay in bed at home, Ahmed said.

Click Here for Full Report from the Scotsman

Hard View: Ok, so this guy is using the Koran for Magic Shows and he gets 7 years in Prison by one of America's Strong Allies in the world, Pakistan!!

Don't worry though, they would never use their Nuclear Weapons against any country that disrespected their religious views, or, would they?

There is a bright side to Nuclear Weapons though, Everything Gets Bright right after they detonate.

Ok, not to worry, nothing is going to happen. Continue shopping, keep the economy alive, get yourself over to Wal Mart now and spend your money, and remember, every dollar spent in
WalMart, K-Mart, Target, Sears, and pretty much everywhere else helps keep
America's Communist Ally China Strong and Healthy!

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Iran-Ukraine to expand oil and gas cooperation

Excerpt: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said on Thursday Kiev is determined to contribute to Iran's energy, oil and gas projects.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Iran's Foreign Ministry Envoy on the Caspian Sea Mehdi Safari.

At the meeting, Yushchenko and Safari termed as positive mutual cooperation in political, cultural and economic areas and stressed that new era in Ukraine's political scene would pave the ground for strengthening of all-out relations between the two countries.

Click Here for Full Article

Hard View: So lets get this right, Ukraine, led by the new elected leader 'Yuschenko', the guy supported by the United States of America during the last Elections, which included a 'Re Vote' after allegations of corruption during its Presidential Elections, (all of which went against the will of Vladimir Putin and Russian Officials) is now going along with 'Business' with Axis of Evil Iran?

And Earlier today (Thursday) , during the 'Press Conference' between Bush and Putin, Bush Danced around the Nuclear Weapon / Reactor phrasing, and now it is being reported that Ukraine is going foward with business dealings with Iran,,, hmmm.

Interesting, very Interesting.

I guess all Americans who supported Bush with his War Against Those who support Terror are again going to be betrayed by the Big W. Bush Is accepting allies of America doing business with the enemy.

Lets not forget, 'You're with US, or With the Enemy'

Or, is Iran No Longer an Enemy?

Bus explosion kills 17 in China

I stumbled across this one....

Daily Times: SHANGHAI: An explosion on a bus in eastern China has killed 17 people and wounded five, state media said on Wednesday. The bus, carrying 51 people, was travelling between the provinces of Anhui and Zhejiang and had just crossed into Jiangsu province when it exploded, the semi-official China News Service said. The cause was under investigation, it added, although it called the blast an accident. Every year, dozens of people are killed or injured during the Chinese Lunar New Year period, which has just ended, in accidental firework and other explosions. reuters


I like the spin, '...Every year, dozens of people are killed or injured during the Chinese Lunar New Year period, which has just ended, in accidental firework and other explosions.'..

Buses Explode Every year during this period taking out 17 People?


Can You Spell 'Suicide Bomber' aka 'Falun Gung'

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Texas: Have Gun Can Kill - But Don't You Sell Those Evil Vibrators

Thursday February 24th, outside a Texas Courthouse....
Excerpt: TYLER, Texas (AP) - A man with a high-powered rifle opened fire in the town square Thursday and shot at least three people, including a deputy, a U.S. Marshal said.
... "From what I understand at this moment, there was a guy upset about a court case going on, possibly a paternity case,"
Click Here for Full Report

Now whats really sad about all of this is,, last week, Red State Alabama confirmed their stance along with Red States Georgia and Texas against the sale of 'Vibrators for Sexual Pleasure'.
Yep, I am Not Kidding, it is illegal to sell 'Sex Toys' for Sexual Pleasure in these states,
here is the Story, Click it for Yourself

Yes, Dildo's for sale for Sexual Pleasure are banned, but don't worry, you can go buy a Gun!

You have to wonder, what would have happened if this guy who shot up some people outside a courthouse today in Texas wasn't allowed to buy a Gun, but was able to buy a Vibrator instead?

Would he have shown up at the court house with a vibrator in his hand rather than a gun?

If he did show up with a vibrator in his hand, would he have hurt anyone?

Red State Morality: Guns are Good, Dildo's are Bad?

I just don't get it, what do you think?

Comments, Opinions? - 'Blog it On'

Rocket Fuel Found in Breast Milk of Women in 18 States

Excerpt: A toxic component of rocket fuel has been found in breast milk of women in 18 states and store-bought milk from various locations around the country.
The chemical, perchlorate, can impede adult metabolism and cause retardation in fetuses, among other things. It leaches into groundwater from various military facilities.
Click Here for Full Article

Last Nite I posted,
Woman jailed for smoking near children
I asked, Whats next.. Jail for taking your kids into an area that has pollution from say
'Jet Planes' taking off or landing at an airport?

Now just a day later this is made public?
Mom's Breast Milk Contaminated? - Bodies Infected to the Point of Poisening Fetuses.
Question: Who Goes to Jail for This?

Hard Comment:
From what I know from Basic Sex Education that was taught to me in School way back when before the Bible Crusaders have waged war on the subject, ... I learned that Human Females are the species of Humans that bring New Humans to life, so, without Human Females with working reproductive organs, we are, errr,,,,, well...., huhhhh.... lets just say that the 'Stork' isn't going to be able to fill in the void without them.

What do you think? Psst, Hey Red States, You Guys aren't Immune from This!

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GannonGate - It's Not Going Away

A White House Scandal that Just Might Become a 21st Century Watergate

What would a 'Hard Attack News' Blog be without a 'GannonGate Blog?'

If you are not aware of the 'GannonGate' Scandal, well all I can say is, remember that campaign commercial during the run up to the 2004 Presidential Elections by the Democrats, depicting the Republican Candidate for re election as an 'Ostrich?'

Don't be an Ostrich, and take Your Head out of the Sand and poke it into
'GannonGate Files' - It's all here.

This Story continues to unravel, and this Hard Attack News Blog will remain linked to the
Hard Attack News 'GannonGate Files'

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