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Friday, February 25, 2005

11 California Seniors Denied Access to Life-sustaining Drugs in FDA Seizure of Prescriptions at LAX

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Excerpt: Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2005 -- Only a week after a panel appointed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended allowing the sale of known potentially harmful pain-relieving drugs as an ‘acceptable risk’, the agency seized a shipment of life-sustaining drugs, including Lipitor, a cholesterol-lowering prescription, intended for delivery to 11 California senior citizens. The seizure took place at Los Angeles Airport.

The shipment came from a licensed pharmacy in another country. An FDA spokesperson said the reason for the seizure was that the drugs were ‘misbranded’ and ‘unapproved,’ although all Lipitor is manufactured at FDA-approved facilities outside the U.S. by Pfizer, Inc.

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Hard View: I will plagiarize a comment I read that was posted over at
'Democratic Underground'...
"free trade" except when it affects us, chant the corporations.Welcome to the police state. We can ship your job overseas but it's a crime to try to get drugs you can actually afford.

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Blogger Ozymandias_k said...

I think this is great! The more this type of BS Goes on the more seniors will be Screwed by their Own Government Which Has been taken over by the Neocon Death Machine! The Current Administration Is responsible for the FDA's actions. They set The policy Just Like the Bush Medicare plan which Disables the governments ability to Bargain with the Drug Companies for better drug Prices. Go figure! Who is the Bush administration working for? The American public or the Drug Company Cartels? Look's Like the Drug Companies Win Again Under the Bush regime. They say; Screw these 11 seniors they don't need their Lipitor from another Country at a decent price. let these fixed income people pay top dollar or die! Other countries take better care of their pets then United States do their seniors. Don't get me started on the nursing home Industry in this country!!!! Which is a National disgrace just like the FDA's Militant actions against our dying parents. Shame on the Drug Companies, the FDA and the Bush Crime Family* Wake up America!!!! Have some respect! Or “As you sow so shall you reap”

6:41 PM, February 25, 2005  
Blogger Hard Attack said...

Ozy, what needs to be done is for this issue to be discussed in forums throughout society.

Its like, Everything is Wrong across the board, and everyone is busy watching 'Bored Housewives Getting Their Nails Done'

7:20 PM, February 25, 2005  
Anonymous Dialtone said...

This issue is going to come to a head faster than you may think. Several states are already taking actions to allow import drugs from Canadian sources for state employees. These states are going to force the Feds hand on the issue, as they have millions of public dollars in prescription drug cost savings hanging in the balance. Most likely it will end up in court as a States rights versus Fed controls issue.
So far, the FDA (largely bought and paid for by drug companies) can only dredge up a feeble arguement along the lines of supposed protecting public safety by regulating the importation of drugs.
If they have such deep concern for the welfare and safety of the US citizenry, then what is stopping them from taking a really hard look at some of the imports, testing them for effectiveness and purity, then giving the OK on the passing products?
On a side note, I heard recently that several drug manufacturers were blacklisting Canadian business that primarily fill US prescriptions, instructing wholesalers to not fill the retailers orders. If this is not the most clear cut case of collusion and monopolistic business practice, then there is no such thing.

12:44 AM, February 26, 2005  
Blogger Ozymandias_k said...

Well said Dialtone!

5:23 AM, February 26, 2005  

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