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Monday, February 28, 2005

Chris Rock Was Hilarious Last Night on the Oscars - Fox News Weirdo's See it Differently

Hard Oscar Review: Last night, i was fortunate enough to turn on ABC just in time for Chris Rock's piece.

It was Hilarious! I was laughing out loud, and so was my Sweetheart.

After that, I clicked around, and a bit later, clicked back and caught about half of Robbin Williams piece, mocking cartoons, and that was pretty good too. (I never looked as Bugs Bunny as s cross dresser before). Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson as voice's for Cartoon Characters, lol, oh man that was funny also!

So this morning, clicking around the Boob Tube to see what crap if any they are reporting, I found myself watching a Fox News Debate on the 'Attack on Patriotism' from Chris Rock.

Gregg Jarrett, I believe is the name of the Fox News Manikin (a failure from CNBC, where he played a Financial Stock Reporter Role), now over at Fox, and this morning, he was playing the part very well of a 'Shocked, Disgruntled American' after watching the Chris Rock Stunt last night.

The Guests to participate in this 'Fox News Debate' of the quality of last nights hilarious piece by Chris Rock depicted the following....

A Guy who is some sort of Radio Host or something who talked like a werido...
A Woman who was as about as uptight as you can get...
And Gregg Jarrett, a fired News Actor from CNBC now playing the part as a 'Fox News' anchor.


Oh, did I mention that 'Gregg Jarrett', actor, I mean, anchor, was holding up a Newspaper Article depicting Chris Rock's performance as Not Funny, Guess what paper... I'll give you a hint, the same owner of Fox News Owns it.. the 'NY Post'.

Fox News sticks up for the President more than followers of faith stick up for Jerry Falwell... it is so pathetic, it is at the point where, I , found myself laughing at these 3 stooges this morning.

But I guess if you run a zoo, you have to feed the animals, and that was exactly what was going on this morning on Fox, it was Feed for their Audience.

Did anyone else see this last night or see a replay of it yet today? If so, Blog your comments!

"Obviously, Chris Rock as host had an impact in the resurgence of the numbers," said Larry Hyams, vice president of audience analysis and research at ABC.

Comments, Opinions? Blog it Now


Anonymous MorenoDemocrat said...

Fox upset that a funny minority could successfully make fun of Bush while giving Bush credit for his victory, lies about the success of the Oscars. Notice they didn't mention that he also made fun of John Kerry. It is sad when a company has to go to such extent to lie about the Oscars. For the record the Oscars had its highest rating 30.1 since 2000. Chris Rock you did your job well my friend.

5:54 PM, February 28, 2005  
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