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Friday, February 25, 2005

The Democratic Party has Failed to Report for Duty

Rawstory is reporting this afternoon that 5 Democratic Senators have signed a letter to Bush calling for a Gannon Inquiry.

Yes, 5 ! Funny, I didn't know that the Republicans had 95 seats, did you?

Hard Commentary: The Democratic Party has Failed to Report for Duty

Last Week, Joe Biden on the Bill Maher Show answered a question, and basically lied to everyone.

Bill Maher asked, 'Why do the Republicans Get a Pass on this sort of stuff when you know this is impeachable with the other party?'

Joe Biden Lied to everyone by blaming 'The Press'

Guess what? It is the Fault of the Current Senators of the Democatic Party, its Joe Biden, it's Chuck Schumer, its Ted Kennedy, it's Hillary Clinton, it's the fault of every single elected Democratic Senator who did not sign this letter demanding an Inquiry into the GannonGate Affair too. If every Democratic Senator signed this letter, the Press would be covering it.

According to this Rawstory Report, Aides to Senator Durbin, (a Senator that did sign this letter for inquiry) Senator Durbin was frustrated by the fact that most Senators returned to their home states for the Congressional Recess. (So we are to believe that these Senators Could Not Send One Team of Courier's to each Senators Home so they could sign it individually? - Give me a Break)

Right Now, I feel like telling them to Stay Home!

Are many of these Democrats possibly guilty of the same damm thing? What is the problem here? Have these Career Politicians something to hide? Do they have phony reporters asking them questions? What the Hell is Going On?

Same old Story...

Good Jobs have been leaving America, Lousy Jobs leaving America, Drugs still rampant across America, taxes going up, nothing is changing, same old problems everywhere, everything is getting worse and Grandma's Depends being searched in order to get on a plane, but the borders are wide open!

Flash: I Voted for Ross Perot!

There was a reason why I voted for Ross Perot twice, Ross Perot was absolutely correct regarding that 'giant sucking sound' Its happening, but he didn't even see the vortex of that giant sucking sound of the American Job base going to China, bypassing Mexico the way it has. Funny how American's are not just competing with 3rd Worlds, but now we are competing with Communism. Maybe the Corporations who fund both Republicans and Democrats Equally would like to see Communism here in America, so the attitude will be, 'Do Your Job and Shut Up!', I can't think of one company that wouldn't want to shut up their workforces complaints, do you?

What was Kerry's Response to this crisis affecting all of us? Fix the Tax Code to stop the exodus of jobs that reward companies to leave the United States, who passed those laws? I bet some votes by Senators that made those laws possible years ago were voted by some of the very same politicians who failed to report to duty this week by making sure their signature was on this inquiry for the GannonGate Affair.

Ross Perot also urged a need to rebuild the infrastucture of the United States, something I agreed with, and yet, well, let me just point out that not 1 new bridge has been built in my neck of the Concrete Jungle that surrounds me.

Funny, Ross Perot got what, 17% of the vote? That was a surprise to everyone. (So was the election win of Jesse Ventura, he suprised the hell out of everyone too, didn't he.)

Flash: I supported Nadar as a Protest Vote

In 2000, I supported Ralph Nadar, not because I thought he was the man for the job, even though most everytime I heard him speak, he made sense, but it was also in protest because I felt that Al Gore and George Bush made a perfect pair of testicles. I like many of you out there, felt over the years that all politicians suck. Am I right? How many of you out there think or have thought that all politicians suck? We have all had that feeling at one point or another. If you can't admit that to yourself, well, I feel for you.

What is to come?

Fortunatly for the current new base of the Democratic Party and I will admit I am one of 'them', John Kerry did sign this Letter calling for an inquiry into the Gannon Affair, otherwise there would be, oh, I'd say 15 Million voters, give or take a Million, that would be screaming at Kerry, (You Know how Political Rookies can be!) and many who wound up voting last time around would never vote again after finally getting off their asses and voting for the 2004 Presidential make or break election that is now history.

Well I can say that Fortunatly for society, many of us who are now involved, many of US who have voted for the first time in the last Presidential Election now understand that involvement means getting involved at the local level. In time, those of us who have either transferred over from the Republican Party, Independent Party, or Grateful Dead Party and are now involved in the Democratic Party at the local level, will be able to help fix this Party, which, after this weeks failure to report to duty by basically the entire Democratic Party Senate regarding this Gannon Inquiry demonstates that this Party is Broken and in need of a complete overhaul. We are now the mechanics for the job, and we will determine if it can or cannot be fixed. If it can be fixed, great, but if it cannot be fixed, then the time will come to face reality, and Junk It, like that old car that we loved but were tired of fixing all the time. We Junked It, and we Moved On.

Moved On, well here we are. Maybe the broken parts of the Democratic Party have taken the efforts of the Millions who got involved during this last Presidential Election for Granted. The bake sales on their front lawns, the house parties where concerned citizens volunteered and held meetings in their homes to total strangers, all with a common goal, they did not want to see President Bush re elected, maybe we have all been taken for granted.

Let us not forget everyone who got involved in the rock the vote effort, all those who just stood on their local street corners with a sign, the bumper stickers, the debates, the arguments with friends and families, maybe all of us who got involved, maybe some of the broken parts of the Democratic Party have taken all of this great enormous effort for granted.

That doesn't mean we are going to accept it, are we?

What Can We Do?

Maybe we will all Move On. But not out to pasture, not out out sight, not out of touch, not without a voice but Move On, Into the New Day, Morph into a New Political Party, for the Sun will come up, New Days will Arrive, and it is Up to all of us who give a damm, to Stay Active, in order for Our Society to Survive!

That is How I feel this afternoon.

How do you feel?

Go ahead, Blog it!


Blogger Ozymandias_k said...

Look folks we can complain all we want and maybe we should but remember the more infighting the Happier the Neocon death machine is. We must not fight we must reform and the best way for us to reform is to do it together by the numbers. Our strength is the best when we stand together. This is no pep talk this is reality. Sure we have differences of opinion but the only way to fight this In lockstep fascist Neocon death cult is to be united and get more caring Americans involved in the political system. When some say their vote didn't count and they aren't going to vote again are just falling in the trap these Bushites are hopping we do. Don't be a chump! My Example is the Washington state election Gregiore won by 129 votes out of 2.5 million. The 2000 election bush supposedly got 400 more votes then Gore. Your Vote does count! When we are fighting election fraud everywhere we need all the votes we can get to off set actions like that scumbag Blackwell in Ohio pulled by disenfranchising thousands of voters. Suck it up and lets not let these Bush Liars win. Either fights or lie down and die. Me, well I care about my country and I am going to fight for it with my brothers and sisters. Well will prevail! Don't let these press releases like this one get you down, Get pissed and call or write them and let them know that you expect them to do their damn job! Listen the reps are your employees treat them as such! Every time a story like this comes out you can look at is as a tool to keep your employees on the right path. Don't be a wimp be the boss. Let Dean and the DNC know that they must follow up on these issues and demand answers! The America hating Neocon conservatives Love it when we fight among ourselves. Wise up and become leaders! Make the Reform happen!!!!

8:20 PM, February 25, 2005  
Blogger Hard Attack said...

Ozy, I am not for giving up, I am for Fixing the Machine.

8:53 PM, February 25, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm wonder's if gannon's clientele benefit from this loss of information?

BofA: 1.2 million accounts jeopardized
Firm says tapes containing info about government cardholders, including U.S. senators, went missing.
February 25, 2005: 8:52 PM EST

10:00 PM, February 25, 2005  
Anonymous ano mous said...

link to story posted by anonymous

Financial giant says data tapes containing info about 1.2 million government accounts went missing.

10:05 PM, February 25, 2005  
Anonymous spudmonster272 said...

I agree we need to revamp our party, and I also find it disgusting that hardly any of my Supposed representatives "stood up". They also FAILED Miserably to Stand and Represent ME, when Mrs. Barbera Boxer Stood For ME!Well, Im here to tell you, I WONT tolerate NO REPRESENTATION any longer. I will work to elect ALL NEW REPRESENTATIVES to my party, If these we have refuse to do what they must Know, is right! If YOU did not stand with America, and Me, then YOU ARE ON NOTICE!! Do yur job, or hit the Bricks!

7:49 AM, February 26, 2005  
Anonymous chi_altus said...

Take it to them! These publications don't want to cover these issues??? Well guess what?? The MSM is making themselves insignificant. Daily Kos has begun issuing press releases....that's right by virture of the fact MSM is refusing to do their jobs the blogs are BECOMING a news source.
Force the issue public. I made 100 copies of the Wasserman cartoon about Gannon and sent it all around to the local right wing churches. We have to become the information sources and we have to force the representatives who represent us to sit up and pay attention. I think they have forgotten who owns the chairs they are sitting in. Don't you?

10:49 AM, February 26, 2005  
Blogger Hard Attack said...

Spud: Thanks for your comments, I am glad you got the point of my Commentary - Opinion.

The shareholders of this country, (that is you and me and everyone else) need to let the Board know (the board being the elected leaders) they are on notice, 'shape up or, ship out'.

No ship can run efficiently without a Captain, I wonder what Howard Dean's View is on this whole mess, being that he is the new 'Captain'

2:39 PM, February 26, 2005  
Blogger Hard Attack said...

Chi_Altus : You are so correct.

Mainstream Media is done, and something tells me, they know it.

2:40 PM, February 26, 2005  
Anonymous zombiemaster said...

Maybe with Dean as the head of the demo party, we can get back to what we do best: winning elections!

4:24 PM, February 27, 2005  
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