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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Homeless Man Brings Landmark Case in Fight Over Commandments

Tampa Bay Online - AP Report

Excerpt: AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - As he strolls from the Texas Supreme Court to the state Capitol, Thomas Van Orden recounts the ominous e-mails that warn "we're gonna get you" and tell him to "get the hell out" if he can't support the American way of life.

Van Orden shrugs off the angry responses to his lawsuit seeking to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Capitol grounds. A Vietnam veteran and former lawyer who is now homeless, Van Orden says he already "went to hell" and is still finding his way back.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether that 6-foot granite monument - bearing the words "I am the Lord thy God" - and two similar displays at Kentucky courthouses constitute unconstitutional government establishment of religion.

Many conservatives warn that if the states lose, the ruling would force the removal of similar objects from memorials and public spaces across America. Dozens of demonstrators are expected for rallies and prayers outside the courthouse in Washington while the case is argued inside.

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Hard Comment: I haven't really been watching any Manipulation News on the Boob Tube, has this been talked about at all by the Usual Suspects?

How did the Statue's get there in the first place, where they put there after proper protocol was followed or did they show up there overnight years ago?

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Anonymous Kasha said...

Well, the Ten Commandments piece that caused such a ruckus in Alabama turned out to have been a set prop left over from an old Hollywood movie ... or is that HOLYwood?!

11:50 PM, March 01, 2005  

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