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Friday, February 25, 2005

Iran-Ukraine to expand oil and gas cooperation

Excerpt: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said on Thursday Kiev is determined to contribute to Iran's energy, oil and gas projects.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Iran's Foreign Ministry Envoy on the Caspian Sea Mehdi Safari.

At the meeting, Yushchenko and Safari termed as positive mutual cooperation in political, cultural and economic areas and stressed that new era in Ukraine's political scene would pave the ground for strengthening of all-out relations between the two countries.

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Hard View: So lets get this right, Ukraine, led by the new elected leader 'Yuschenko', the guy supported by the United States of America during the last Elections, which included a 'Re Vote' after allegations of corruption during its Presidential Elections, (all of which went against the will of Vladimir Putin and Russian Officials) is now going along with 'Business' with Axis of Evil Iran?

And Earlier today (Thursday) , during the 'Press Conference' between Bush and Putin, Bush Danced around the Nuclear Weapon / Reactor phrasing, and now it is being reported that Ukraine is going foward with business dealings with Iran,,, hmmm.

Interesting, very Interesting.

I guess all Americans who supported Bush with his War Against Those who support Terror are again going to be betrayed by the Big W. Bush Is accepting allies of America doing business with the enemy.

Lets not forget, 'You're with US, or With the Enemy'

Or, is Iran No Longer an Enemy?


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