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Friday, February 25, 2005

Official: Iran May Hide Nukes in Tunnels - AP Report - Reporters Name Oddly Not Available

Published by Yahoo - Associated Press Report -

Excerpt: PARIS - Iran may be hiding its nuclear technology inside special tunnels because of threats of attack by the United States, Tehran's chief nuclear negotiator said in an interview published Friday.

Hassan Rowhani, who has been negotiating with Germany, Britain and France over Iran's uranium enrichment program, was asked by an interview for the Le Monde newspaper: "Is it accurate that Iran has built tunnels meant to serve Iran's nuclear activities?"

Rowhani responded that reports Iran was building tunnels to hide its nuclear technology "could be true," he said.

"From the moment the Americans threaten to attack our nuclear sites, what are we to do? We have to put them somewhere," Rowhani said.

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Hard Observation: I noticed that there is no 'reporters' name attached to this report, just the AP logo. I went clicking on several other stories, all published by Yahoo, and they all had reporters names underneath the title.

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