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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Reservist Mom of 14 Month old Baby Called BACK to Duty

Herald Net.com Report

Excerpt: A Granite Falls woman who was released from the Army Reserve after only a few months in uniform was shocked by a recent military mailgram telling her to report for duty next month for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"I thought I was discharged and done," said Andrea DeGeus.

It wasn't so simple.

DeGeus' name was transferred into the Individual Ready Reserve, an administrative roster the Army plucks soldiers from during times of war.

DeGeus, 21, is now struggling to get her Army orders changed. Her biggest worry is 14 months old.

"My daughter. That's everything," DeGeus said, referring to Abby, her toddler.

"Not to mention we could lose our house. What are things going to be like after I leave my job?" DeGeus asked.

"But 90 percent of it is my daughter. What's it going to be like to be away from her for a year and a half to two years, to however long they decide to keep me?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is this news???

A soldier is a soldier.

Do we hear of fathers who are called back to duty because they have a baby???

Maybe we should. In all fairness the media needs to also report fathers with 14 month olds being recalled to duty.

This story really angers me - - because of the Women in the Military debate.

Women need to be responsible for their choices - just as men need to be responsible for theirs.

I am a 60 year old grandmother.

4:53 PM, February 28, 2005  
Blogger Hard Attack said...

Good Point coming from the above post.

So, should woman be excluded when or if a draft is instituted?

8:05 PM, February 28, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO - - women should be allowed to be "equal" to men in defending our country.

"Equal" is in quotes - because physical strength is required in some positions. This does not mean women are not eligible - it means they should qualify for the position.

Let's be real - - small non-athletic men have been sent to the front lines just because they are of the male gender - when they had no business being there.

The argument - only men should be on the front lines because if I'm in trouble - a woman couldn't carry me - - does not hold up in reality.

Ever seen some of those female Wrestlers?? There are many women who would be more physically suited to the front lines - then some men.

That said - - all I'm saying is take responsibility for your life choices. If you chose to sign up for military duty - - it should not matter what gender you are.

And you can't fall back on "I'm a woman and mother" - - that is irrelevant.

Women can not have it both ways. Men have been going off to war for eons - - leaving their families behind. Do they have a choice? Have they ever had a choice?

9:08 PM, February 28, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


IMO - - all citizens should be drafted immediately after high school or at the age they drop out. Mandatory 2 years - more is voluntary.

BUT - once you're out - you are out -- none of this "I can call you back for the next 20 years".

After military duty - one should be able to get on with their lives without a "threat" hanging over their heads.

IMO - there are many young people who've grown up without any supervision and might just find the home they need in the military. Kids that would NEVER sign up on their own. A mandatory draft would find them.

9:16 PM, February 28, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just an update~ I am Andrea DeGeus, i google my own name once in a while to see what people think about the article that was writen about me. Reading what you people wrote hurts. Maybe its because you didn't look into the whole article. Maybe you should all read before you judge me or any other troop. Bottom line is i am out here defending our country. I went and did my call to duty. And my daughther is almost 2 now. Yes i miss her, and my husband. I am resosnable for the choices i have made, i joined the army, and i have a child. If i had known that i would have been called back, i may have made a different choice. Thats all this article was about. The shock to being called up after thinking your done. It is not about me being a mother or a woman. It agers me to see how unsupportive some iggnorant people are in a cuntry that i have chosen to live in and fight for.

6:20 AM, November 10, 2005  

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