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Monday, February 28, 2005

US Judge Comes Home - Finds Her Husband & Mother Murdered

NBC 5.com Reports: 2 Found Dead In Home Of Federal Judge

Excerpt: *Lefkow presided over a trademark case against Matt Hale, a white supremacist later convicted of trying to have the judge killed. Hale remains behind bars.

Chicago Tribune Reports: Husband, Mother of Judge Found Dead

Excerpt: The federal judge whom white supremacist Matthew Hale attempted to have murdered found her husband and mother lying dead in her house when she returned home Monday night, police said.

Judge Joan H. Lefkow returned to her house in the of North Lakewood Avenue after work and found the bodies of her husband, attorney Michael F. Lefkow and her mother, Donna Humphrey, lying in blood in the house, police said.

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Anonymous terrified said...

is it just me or does it seem we are now living in the wild wild west? lawlessness injustice crime undeterred horrific attacks carried out in the continental united states a strike on the pentagon itself no accountability anywhere prostitute in the white house press room communist countries financing our runaway federal spending pre-emptive unilateral wars on sovereign nations contaminated dairy products beef and poultry borders unchecked no bid federal contracts unmanageable healthcare and social programs for seniors exportation of industries and technology security forces and military engaged in rampant detention and torture.......am I wrong about this administration or have bush and his cronies been watching over us while these changes have taken place?

12:35 AM, March 01, 2005  
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