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Saturday, March 19, 2005

2 Years of War in Iraq Now Completed

Well today marks the end of 2 years of battle in Iraq. Shock and Awe started on March 20th 2003, and starting tomorrow we will be entering our 3rd year of War in Iraq.

Over the past 2 years, this nation has been through the tides and turmoil of war.

Those wanting to stay in the spotlight, or get into the spotlight are taking the position that even though this war was based on a lie, its ok because the ends justify the means.

Those who were opposed to the War from the Get Go for taking the position that Iraq was not a threat to the United States of America, were correct.

Those who still believe the war is ok because Saddam is now out of power will have to face the fact that the people who are now in charge are going to surpress Woman's rights and freedoms in Iraq.

And those people who fell for Bush's misleading campaign on reasons to go to war in Iraq and realized that they were conned (myself included in that catagory) , have to deal with the fact that their fellow countrymen are being subjected to have to go to war, or will be subjected to going to war not based on defending itself, but based Bush's idiology.

Tough on Terror? Give me a break, President Bush should have confronted Vladimir Putin and told him straight out 'NO" regarding Nuclear technology being sent to Iran from the Get Go.

JFK stood up to the Russians during the cuban missile crisis, he didn't punk out. This current President failed to stand up to those who 'are with the terrorists'.

That is how I feel this morning, how do you feel on this 2 year anniversery of this war known as 'Operation Make it Up as You Go Along'?.

I am now setting out for a weekend of fun, away from this computer and away from the news for the weekend, I'll be back Sunday Night for some updates, untl then, have a nice weekend.

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Anonymous disgusted said...

I was against the war from the beginning and have also seriously doubted this administrations spin on truth from its inception, I mean look into the memory bank people remember the election that brought bush into office? its been bushit from day one. lies, deceptions, dishonor, distrust, division, shame shame shame and more shame.....I will be shouting and screaming to heal my broken heart today that weeps and suffers great agonies over the course our nation has taken while bush and his neocon's or whatever you want to call them has taken, and I will resemble the mourning woman screaming as her child is carried to final resting places, I will be freed from my sorrows and purged of my disgust and when tomorrow comes I will rise rested and ready to in small but significant ways continue to express my dissenting opinion untill its the prevailing opinion overwhelming and dominant and its boot rests on the throat of those who have worked so tirelessly to destroy this country.

9:57 AM, March 19, 2005  
Blogger Ozy said...

Well said disgusted! I agree with you 100% Today marks a sad day for america and the people who backed these sick fools in the White House!

3:05 PM, March 19, 2005  
Blogger Hard Attack said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts, now it looks like the BBC is Broadcasting their Thoughts, in the form of a Documentry.

Here is an exceprt from the report..
The head of Britain's foreign intelligence agency told the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, that the case for war in Iraq was being "fixed" by Washington to suit United States policy, according to a new BBC documentary.

Go to the main page of the Blog and a few stories up from this post and you will see the headline ''Blair was told US fixed case for war: BBC '' = and there you can read the whole story.

And ontop of that, a father of a soldier is now going to run against Tony Blair.

12:42 AM, March 21, 2005  

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