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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

AsiaSat 3S Satellite Transmissions Attacked By Illegal Signals

Space War - XNA: AsiaSat 3S Satellite Transmissions Attacked By Illegal Signals

Asia Satellite Telecommunications (AsiaSat) announced in Hong Kong Tuesday that the transmissions of its satellite were deliberately interrupted by illegal signals, reportedly carrying content related to Falungong.

The company expressed its strong condemnation of the incident at a press conference here. Falungong, viewed as an evil cult by the Chinese government, is banned in China.

Six C-band transponders on an AsiaSat 3S satellite were interrupted by illegal transmissions carrying Falungong-related content at 9:34 p.m. Monday, causing a TV programming break in service on several provincial TV channels in the Chinese mainland, the company said in a statement.

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