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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Blogger Land is Overdosing

Ok gang, I know from experience that 'Blogger' land here is overloaded.

A few times, I have posted stories that appeared to have failed to post, then later on they appear.

I just experienced the same thing now with posting a reply to someone who took the time out to blog a comment.

It seems that on weekends, this blogging service is overloaded with users causing it to slow down (that is just a wild guess) if it continues, I will be looking to find another sort of service, but for now please deal with the slowness until I make a management decision on this and a few other things regarding Hard Attack News.

I had a few days off this past week, and am actually taking two weeks off next month also. When I return, and get back into the swing of things, I am sure whatever corrections need to be made, will be made.

For now, that is about it. I have to say that I really enjoyed my week away from all of this 'news' .


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