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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bush Breaks Down and Tries to Negotiate with Axis of Evil 'Iran' and 'North Korea'

BBC: Iran rejects US nuclear incentive

Excerpt - Iran has rejected a new US policy offering economic incentives to the Islamic state to give up its nuclear enrichment programme.


Space War - AFP: US says North Korea need not completely disarm before reaping benefits

Excerpt - The United States said that North Korea need not completely dismantle its nuclear weapons arsenal before receiving benefits under an aid-for-disarmament proposal offered to the Stalinist state.


Hard Observation: Can You Say 'Flip Flop'? - All of those who were critical of the Clinton Administration for making a deal with North Korea 10 years ago which resulted in the current situation of N. Korea having the Nuclear Bomb, can now be just as critical with Bush on his dealing with Iran.

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