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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bush Invites Sharon to Texas Ranch - Sources

Reuters: Bush Invites Sharon to Texas Ranch - Sources

Excerpt - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush has invited Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for the first time to his Crawford, Texas, ranch for talks on April 11 on boosting the Middle East peace process, U.S. government sources said on Thursday.

It will be Sharon's first visit to Bush's ranch after nearly 10 visits to the White House since taking office in 2001. Israeli officials said earlier this month that the meeting would take place in Washington.

The surprise change in venue can be seen as a move designed to bolster Bush's close ally, and comes at a time of growing optimism about jump-starting peace talks after the death of Palestinian president Yasser Arafat last November.

Hard Comment: Wow, Sharon will get to eat off the same Plates that Fed the Saudi Royal Family! - Talk about a Privilage!


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