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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bush Picks 'Paul Wolfowitz' to run World Bank

BBC: Pentagon hawk to run World Bank

Excerpt - President George W Bush has nominated US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz as the next head of the World Bank, a key development agency.

Mr Wolfowitz has earned a reputation as a hawk during his time as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's deputy, and was a strong advocate of the Iraq war.

President Bush described Mr Wolfowitz as a "compassionate, decent man" who would do a fine job.

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Flashback March 1st: Hard Attack Blogged Financial Times Report Wolfowitz on shortlist for World Bank top post

Hard Comment: Wolfowitz helped run the United States Credibility down into 3rd World Muck, maybe he can do the same for the World Bank.

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Blogger erinberry said...

Wolfowitz compassionate and decent? Ha!

6:47 PM, March 16, 2005  
Blogger Psychols said...

Wolfowitz will probably run the World Bank with an idealogical driven agenda. He will attempt to promote the Bush/Cheyney foreign policy and cause much harm to those he should be helping.

Surely Bush shall be remembered as the folly President.

2:35 AM, March 17, 2005  

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