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Monday, March 21, 2005

China Clamps Down on Campus Bulletin Boards

Yahoo News - Reuters: China Clamps Down on Campus Bulletin Boards

Excerpt - BEIJING (Reuters) - China has blocked off-campus Internet users from accessing several bulletin boards operated by universities as part of a government clampdown on outspoken domestic Web sites.

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Hard Comment: Again, the United States is being forced to Compete with this type of Facist Communist Suppression of Expression. - If the United States continues, the Suppression of Expression will have to be implimented here in order to compete with them there.

And it isn't just Suppression of Expression, its Voting, its Free Press, it is Freedom, all of which the Chinese People DO NOT HAVE NO MATTER WHAT THE JACKALS IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND WALL STREET RAIDERS MIGHT LEAD YOU TO BELIEVE.

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