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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Couple Charged with Robbing 10 NJ Banks

1010 Wins NY: Couple Charged with Robbing 10 NJ Banks

(1010 WINS) (Camden, NJ) A New Jersey couple was charged Friday with 10 bank robberies around southern New Jersey since last fall.

Scott Bond and Jennifer Higgins, both 24, used the same tactics in each robbery, according to filings in federal court.

The slight Bond would enter a bank in the middle of a weekday wearing gloves and a scarf or an Ace bandage over his face. He would hand a teller a note demanding all the money in the drawer, collect the cash and leave, according to the court papers.

Higgins would be waiting outside.

The two, who live in Penns Grove in far southern New Jersey, are accused of hitting nine different branches of eight different banks, mostly in the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia, netting more than $44,400.

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Hard Comment: 10 Bank Jobs and all they netted was $44k ? .. Geez, you can't even get a Hummer for that.

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