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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Electronic Anklets Track Asylum Seekers in U.S.

NPR: Electronic Anklets Track Asylum Seekers in U.S.

Excerpt: The Department of Homeland Security is experimenting with a controversial new method to keep better track of immigrants who are applying to remain in the United States. It is requiring aliens in eight cities to wear electronic monitors 24 hours a day.

The ankle bracelets are the same monitors that some rapists and other convicted criminals have to wear on parole. But the government's pilot project is putting monitors on aliens who have never been accused of a crime.

So far, the Department of Homeland Security has put electronic monitors on more than 1,700 immigrants. Victor Cerda, director of Detention and Removal Operations at Homeland Security, says the anklets will help prevent tens of thousands of immigrants who are ordered to leave the country each year from "absconding" -- going into hiding to avoid deportation.

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Blogger Midniteskies said...

I personally find the idea of this ridiculous! We ar treating these idividuals with the same treatment we give common criminals. Futhermore we are only alienating people who are already being suppressed. I am bumused by the fact however that our government laid the ultimate trap by hanging the American Dream up for everyone to see and then when they fall for the all to delicous bait it is cruelly ripped from them. I for one do not want to see my tax money and the tax money of these honest hard working aliens to be waisted on this. If Immigration needs to be addressed then why not put these funds into cracking down on Illegal immigration?

On another note... When will this hit mainstream news? Hello?

8:45 PM, March 09, 2005  

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