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Friday, March 25, 2005

A Hard Look at this 'Hard Week of Headlines'

Well, first let me pass along a 'Happy Easter' to all of the readers who recognize this holiday weekend, and not just those who like to color easter eggs and hide them around the house, but to those who actually recognize Easter as a Religious Holiday.

This past week has surely been filled with 'High Octane Fuel' to 'Feed Hypocrisy'. The Terri Shiavo Story has dominated every top of the hour news headline update. Last week it was the tragedy of the Kidnapped and Murdered 9 yr old girl in Florida.

That is 2 weeks of Domestic Stories Dominating So Called 'National and World Headline' news shows on the Cable and TV Networks.

What has the public missed? Well, Media Matters stepped up to the plate to expose the blatant lies that were portrayed as fact regarding a wide variety of issues, especially the Terri Shiavo Case, but, bless them for yesterday.

Yes, Yesterday Media Matters pointed out how MainStream Media Outlets all ignored, IGNORED a story by the Washington Post that, in my opinion should have been a Top Story.

The Bush Administration LIED AGAIN TO THE WORLD regarding the North Korea Nuclear Exporting Business.

Now, I don't know about you, but personally, I am not surprised. Nor am I surprised that the High School Shooter was on Prozac . Is this a major story?, well to some but the real story has yet to be covered, how did this kid get the guns? I am sure the answers are out there, but have they been reported by these Manikins on Network News reading the words put forth to them by their producers and editors? - Not as far as I was able to see this week.

Terri Shiavo, Terri Shiavo, Terri Shiavo, well turns out that this movement has backfired on the President and most of the Lawmakers out there in Congress who took up this crusade to deny Terri Shiavo the right to die. May they all be voted out of office when their re elections are due.

Did the Media set these guys up?, has the Media had Enough of these Cornballs running around with that sick twisted look that most of them have, I mean come on, they all have that demented look, as if they are holding back an itch between their cheeks if you know what I mean. Take a look at the photo of Roy Moore that is on the Hard Attack News Front Page. Forget about his ridiculous statement dismissing Science, but just look at him, he looks like a nut! Is that the look of a man who only believes Intercourse is for Reproducing purposes only?

What Else happened this week, Well US Officials will not let Italian Examiners look at the automobile that the freed Italian Reporter who was held hostage in Iraq and wound up being shot in the shoulder, and the man who helped free her was shot dead. That is an AP Story, did any of the networks report that one, how about a local news outlet, did any of you out there see that story reported on the Boob Tube this week? - If so, let me know, I'm curious.

Also this week it was revealed that Osama Bin Ladin was in Tora Bora during 'Operation Go Kill Those Bastards'. But he got away, but I guess we won't hear about that on the Cable News Shows, nor the fact that Tommy Franks blew it on that one too. Didn't John Kerry say that We Blew it by using Warlords to be the front into the Tora Bora Region to go get Osama rather than using our own troops? Bush Outsourced a F*cking Military Operation to go get the Bastard that allegedly masterminded this whole 911 attack, are we going to hear 'Cry Baby Sean Hannity' scream about that? - Not a Chance. Oh, and it turns out that President Bush can be labled a LIAR regarding this incident also, because Bush made official statements that now, seem to contradict the TRUTH. It amazes me that so many people in America CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH.

What else, oh, let us not forget this little tid bit... Bush is calling a bunch of Volunteers who are patrolling the Mexican American Border to Stop Illegal Aliens from coming into this country 'Vigilantes'. So let us get this right, these VOLUNTEERS are helping out by putting up a resistance front, preventing people from crossing the border in the middle of the night, and they are vigilantes. So let me ask, if these Volunteers came across and helped prevent an ARMED MILITANT GROUP OF AL QAEDA WITH A 4X4 PACKED WITH RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL crossing into the United States in the middle of the night, would they still be labeled Vigilantes or would they be Hero's? Way to Go Bush, you have a good knack at DOUBLE CROSSING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Ok, enough of that, let's roll right into a 'Californian Republican Congressmen Calling for Re Opening the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation' . Yep, turns out someone believes the conclusion of that report is incomplete, well good for him, and good luck on getting this investigation reopened. I want it reopened, because it would set a precedent into reopening the flawed 911 investigations that were conducted recently that many have been able to not just poke holes through, but drive a truck through. I personally am curious to know what the hell is that thing that appears to look like a 'pod' under one of the planes that rammed the World Trade Center.

And speaking of 911, a NY Times request, only by filing a 'Freedom of Information Act' has now been granted access to the New York Fire Department's tapes involving the response to 911. These tapes are going to expose the fact that the radio system that the fire department was forced to use SUCKED, and it is all because of Rudy Guiliani, 'America's Mayor', the guy who rammed down that latest Radio System into the NYFD even though top brass as the Fire Department said all along it was a flawed system.

And speaking Rudy, what Criminals wearing fancy suits and 200 dollar shirts is he getting off of the hook now? His firm got I believe Merryl Lynch off the hook for pumping dumping crappy stocks to suckers like you and me with just paying a fine, but where is the 'Untouchable'? Oh, he just hired some former Big Shot to be part of his Law Firm Empire, you know, those scumbag lawyers that leach off of the system, you know, that 'John Edwards Crowd'.

Ahh yes, but apparently 'America's Mayor', the guy who was out on the town, cheating on his wife, with his kids home crying 'Mommy, why doesn't Daddy Come Home Anymore', and 'Mommy, I'm Sorry I made Daddy Hate You', while Rudy was out with 'One of his Girlfriends' is now a cheerleader for a new Football Stadium to be built on the west side of Manhattan. Well, Cable Giant Cablevision is Refusing to Air a 'Message from Rudy', where Rudy is pumping the idea of this Football Stadium to be built in Manhattan.

What Else, Right Wing Publication NewsMax Edited a story they already posted after Rawstory and others exposed it as pretty much a LIE. I wonder if the Great Bob Grant, king of NY Talk Radio will talk about that, considering a couple of years ago he was so proud to tell the gang over at NewsMax that they have been doing a 'Fine Job'.

An Oil Spill hit a California Reservoir, but don't worry, workers are in a hurry trying to clean up the 126,000 gallons of crude that spilled into the communities drinking water.

Bad Guy 'Bobby Fisher', wanted man, is set to be accepted to live in the Iceland. Yes, this wanted man by US Officials has been on the run for years now, he broke the law, and engaged in activities with Yugoslavia, can you believe that this bastard had the balls to engage in a 'CHESS TOURNAMENT' all while there were US Sanctions in place to prevent things like this from happening? - Yep, No word yet if any sort of 'NAVY SEALS OPERATION' will be unleashed to get this bad guy in transit from Japan to Iceland.

Iraq is still a Mess, a Hard Attack Independent Report about 2 months ago is now confirmed, yes, Barbers have been targets of Hardliners in Baghdad, so far about 15 have been shot dead.
I know of 1 US Soldier Killed this week, several others injured in Iraq as operation make it up as you go along continues. Decapitated Bodies of Several Iraqi Soldiers were found on a main road outside of Baghdad, assassinations of suspected 'spies for America' continue, even cleaning ladies are being gunned down for working for US forces. Car bombs are making a come back, one just went off Friday killing 11 Iraqi Commando's, wounding 14 others including a couple of US Forces.

In other news, former Soviet Union Territory, the country currently known as Kyrgyzstan had its leadership overthrown, resulting from a citizen uprising. Don't know much about this former territory of the Soviet Union? Not to fear, click here for the latest CIA FACTBOOK report on this country currently known as Kyrgystan. You'll might the countries it borders of interest.

A BP Amoco oil refinery exploded in Texas, Again. They just had a major explosion about a year ago, and it turns out 600 people died there back in 1947 when yet another explosion occurred.

And last but not least, remember that ANTHRAX ATTACK ALERT late last week? Where 'Positive' results all of the sudden turned into 'Negative' Results, well it looks like they were Positive all along and an unknown source made a statement to the press saying it was Negative. But don't worry, only a few sites on the Internets are reporting this, so, there really isn't anything to worry about.

Well that is about it for this weeks wrap up, I am sure I am missing many stories, but so many news events, but only so much one can bare. It was a good week for bloggers though, the more the Media on the Boob Tube dwelled in Terri Shiavo, the more 'Truth Seekers' explored the Blogs, so, I guess it is good for those on the Internet that the Mainstream Media that control the TV News continues to talk about nothing, keep it up CNN, maybe you will attract the Brain Dead that watch Fox, and MSNBC, good job continuing to stay on the bottom, and cheers to CNBC for turning their Financial News Network into a daytime 'Name that Price' game show! - I like the 'Lightning Round', wow, did you guys hire someone new for that concept? Keep it up, it is so apparent you guys are desperate to attract a new audience, I guess your old audience is in the poor house as a result of all of those pumpers and dumpers you've had on your show over the course of the last 4 years. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that 'PageNet' bit you guys did way back when during the Tom Costello Days.

Oh, one more thing, I know that this Blog Thing aggravated some of you out there, I understand your views, so now, Stories will not be directly blogged, but will go back to the old way. And this Hard Attack Blog will try to find its 'fit' in with its acceptable 'crowd' one way or another, so bare with it, and it will work out just fine.

Thanks to all of you, fans and foes, this Blog will become the place to come, to stay in the Know!

Comments, Opinions Anyone? - Go ahead, pick a Nickname and Blog it Now or, Forever, Hold Your Thoughts!


Blogger H.M. Stephen said...

Now you've found your element. Blogs are great place to rant and rave about it all from a personal perspective. We knew that behind Hard Atack News was a person with the right concerns.

We also know from experience how much time a person can spend pulling all this information together in one place.

Keep up the good work. Question Government enough and the truth will eventually prevail.

If you get a chance stop by Our blog, the Infinia' Insider at http://infiniainsider.blogspot.com

1:12 AM, March 27, 2005  
Blogger FrauBudgie said...

Why do I think "Richard Clark" every time a news story quotes an "unnamed source" .... ?

Happy Easter!


5:47 AM, March 27, 2005  
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