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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Iraq: Kidnapped French Reporter Appears in Video

BBC: French reporter in video appeal
Click Link for Photo

Excerpt: A French reporter kidnapped in Iraq has appeared on a video pleading for help, saying her health is "very bad".

Florence Aubenas, a correspondent for the French newspaper Liberation, looked thin and exhausted on the tape.

**Two weeks ago an Italian reporter, Giuliana Sgrena, was shown on video begging for help after her own kidnap in Iraq.

Click Here for Italian Repoter Hostage Making a Plea : Let Us Not forget the female Italian Repoter Hostage Who Made a Video Appeal Two Weeks Ago. Click Link for Photo

Hard View: The Corporate Press in America Sucks Big Time. Think about it, fellow members of their trade are in captivity in Iraq and watching the Corporate TV Manipulation Broadcasts, you wouldn't even know it.

And Let Us not for forget US Soldier Matt Maupin, Contractor Tim Bell, Margaret Hassan, and the countless others who have been kidnapped in Iraq, From Truck Drivers to First Aid Attendents, all gone from the screen, but let us not allow them to be gone from our memories.

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