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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Iraqi Power-Sharing Talks Falter

Associated Press - Yahoo News Publication

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Talks aimed at forging a coalition government faltered Wednesday over Kurdish demands for more land and concerns that the dominant Shiite alliance seeks to establish an Islamic state, delaying the planned first meeting of Iraq's new parliament.

.... Al-Jaafari indicated after the talks that the alliance was ready to accept a Kurdish demand that one of its leaders, Jalal Talabani, become president.

"We, the United Iraqi Alliance, and I personally respect the Kurdish choice for Jalal Talabani to be their nominee for the presidential post. I will convey this honestly to my brothers in the alliance," he said.

However, he would not commit to other demands, including the expansion of Kurdish autonomous areas south to the oil-rich city of Kirkuk.

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Hard Observation: I pointed out the Power of 'Talibani' in this Post . This also reports on the power demand of Kirkuk. Again, Days before the the Associated Press, and American Media picks up on stories, Hard Attack News Keeps You Ahead of the Herd.

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