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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Iraq's New Prime MInister: Jaafari aims at Sharia Rule

Kurdish Media: Jaafari aims at Sharia Rule

Excerpt - BERLIN, March 19 (AFP) - Iraq’s front running Shiite candidate for prime minister, Ibrahim Jaafari, said in an interview he aimed to introduce sharia Islamic law and federalism and confirmed Saddam Hussein would be judged by the end of 2005.

"It’s understandable in a country where the majority of people are Muslim," Jaafari said of the Sharia law, in an interview conducted in Baghdad due to appear in Monday’s edition of German magazine Der Spiegel. "Iraq should become a Muslim country but without falling under the influence of Iran or Saudi Arabia," he said. "Everyone will have the same rights, even members of the many minor religious communities," he added, explaining there would be multiple forms of jurisprudence. He also said women would be under no legal obligation to wear a veil. "They will make their own decisions," the Shiite candidate said.

According to results of a poll released on Thursday most Iraqis are deeply attached to their Islamic identity but do not want a strict application of sharia law, as in neighbouring Saudi Arabia or Iran. About 48 percent of those interviewed agreed that "religion has a special role to play in the government", while 46 percent supported a separation of state and mosque.

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Hard Comment: Bottom Line, this was Iraq Mission was a total waste of time and effort. - Note how Jafari says, ' He also said women would be under no legal obligation to wear a veil. "They will make their own decisions," - Let's stop jerking the turkey here, they will wind up following the orders of their Husbands. - Sistani has said in recent days he isn't for Woman's Equal Rights, oh and by the way, this Jafari Guy - Jafari doesn't believe it is ok to Shake a Woman's Hand.

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