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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Japanese high court rejects compensation for Chinese 'comfort women'

Space War - AFP: Japanese high court rejects compensation for Chinese
'comfort women'

Excerpt - A Japanese high court on Friday rejected the latest compensation claim by Chinese women who said they were forced to work as teenage sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II.

The Tokyo High Court upheld a 2002 lower court ruling rejecting the two women's demand that the Japanese government pay them 23 million yendollars) each in compensation.

One of the Chinese plaintiffs, Hou Qiao Lian, died in 1999 at age 70 while the case was still pending. The other woman, Gou Xi Cui, turned 78 on Friday and arrived at the court in a wheelchair flanked by some 30 supporters.

......Gou said she was snatched by the Japanese army when she was 15 years old and was forced to work as a sex slave for Japanese soldiers.

......Hou was 14 when she was taken to the Japanese army. About 40 days later, she was released but remained bed-ridden for one year, according to supporters.

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