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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Joe Biden Fmr Aid Sentenced to Prison in 'Gay Sex Pimp Daddy' Money Theft

Delaware Online: Ex-Biden aide gets 3 years for stealing

Excerpt - WILMINGTON -- A former staffer who embezzled from Sen. Joe Biden's campaign fund did not merely steal, he struck at the heart of the democratic system, a federal judge said Thursday.

U.S. District Judge Kent A. Jordan sentenced the former staffer, 34-year-old Roger D. Blevins III, of Elsmere, to three years and one month in prison for stealing more than $412,000.

The one-time assistant campaign manager for Biden spent the senator's money "to fund his own fantasy life," Assistant U.S. Attorney April Byrd said.

Blevins spent the money on three individuals he met through a gay pornographic Web site, where visitors could watch and interact with the performers in Florida. The site's slogan, at the time of Blevins' arrest, was "One house with five guys and 15 cameras."

Court papers say Blevins used most of the money to buy expensive cars, jewelry, trips to Florida and a plasma television that he gave as a gift.

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