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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Kerry: Bush $2.6T Budget Plan Dishonest

Yahoo News - AP: Kerry: Bush $2.6T Budget Plan Dishonest

Excerpt - WASHINGTON - President Bush's $2.6 trillion budget plan working its way through Congress is dishonest and violates the core values of average Americans, Sen. John Kerry, Bush's former rival for the presidency, said Thursday.

"This budget is like an Enron budget: smoke the numbers, cook the books, hide the truth and hope no one finds out," said Kerry, who was last year's Democratic presidential nominee.

Kerry criticized the Republican leadership's priorities in a budget that includes proposed cuts in health care and education and up to $106 billion in tax cuts over the next five years.

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Blogger Ozy said...

I really don't care that I am repeating myself. What has been honest that comes from the Bush White House. Many of you guys who crucified Clinton should be ashamed at the way these clowns in there now are getting away with murder! You all slammed Billy Boy for getting some instant gratification but let these scumbags get away with tearing down America and getting people killed all over the world. Get clue losers The United states is going deeper in debt everyday for Iraq? 300 billion dollars to rebuild their country (actually Halliburton enrichment program) While the Bush administration is trying to kill every program that has helped the American people for years. Come on and get a grip! Iraq? 300 billion 1500 dead troops god knows how many civilians wounded people who will never recover! My god How Stupid can America be? Go Ahead try and argue with me. You will loose just like the American people are loosing every damn Day!

5:00 PM, March 17, 2005  

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