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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Lou Dobbs Takes the Night Off - But You Wouldn't Know it

Tonight, Wednesday, I found myself watching the 'Lou Dobbs' CNN Broadcast replay at 11pm est.

Lou took the night off, for reasons unknown, and a fellow Manikin has replaced him. Tonight's Manikin is a female, Brunette, Attractive, and did a fine job delivering the same tone that is usually delivered by Lou Dobbs.

Homeland Security Inefficiency, Illegal Aliens owning homes backed by Federal Loans, along with all the facial expressions of disgust properly timed with each issue discussed.

Conclusion: Lou Dobbs is a Phony, he is nothing but a Manikin. Delivering a message written by someone else. Doing what many other TV Manikins posing as Journalists do, deliver someone else's thoughts from the teleprompter.

I've said this before, but never in print, so here it is, in print.

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