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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

N Korean premier in China visit a day after US Threatens Sanctions

BBC: N Korean premier in China visit

Excerpt - North Korea's premier has arrived in China, a day after the US hinted at sanctions if Pyongyang did not return to talks on nuclear disarmament.

Pak Pong-ju's trip comes just hours after his country announced that it had increased its nuclear arsenal to counter any enemy invasion.

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Earlier Monday, Space War-AFP Reported....
US warns North Korea diplomacy can't 'drag on forever'

Excerpt - (AFP) Mar 21, 2005The White House warned Monday that diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis over North Korea's nuclear programs cannot "drag on forever" and urged Pyongyang to return to negotiations.

"The United States put forward a very practical proposal at the last round of talks. We want to see results to moving forward on that proposal. We want to see North Korea come back to the talks," said spokesman Scott McClellan.

His comments came after US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned during a visit to China that North Korea faced "problems" if it failed to return to the talks and that Washington was looking at "other options."

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Hard Comment: Bush has himself in a bind, actually, he has the United States in a Bind, two members of the Axis of Evil have the United States on the Ropes, our troop strength is weak, we are increasing the age for Army and National Guard Reserves to 39, and we still have Iraq to deal with. Our Troops are going to have to stay there and watch Iraq turn into some sort of Modern Day Islamic State, that will make Democracy look like a Freddy Krugar Movie.

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