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Sunday, March 20, 2005

NY Times: Rice Sounds a Theme in Visit to Beijing Protestant Church

Rice Sounds a Theme in Visit to Beijing Protestant Church

Excerpt - BEIJING, March 20 - The congregation at Gangwashi Protestant Church broke into applause for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday evening as she rose to leave after the Palm Sunday service

Gangwashi is one of a handful of China's state-approved churches, allowed to operate in this officially atheistic country only if all elements - including hymns and Scripture - are cleared by the government.

Ms. Rice, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister, said she did not want to miss Palm Sunday while traveling. But she clearly also wanted to make a statement in China; services would have been easier to attend in one of the many Protestant churches in Seoul, South Korea, where she spent the morning and afternoon.

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Hard View: Our Secretary of State Embolding China's Communist Fascist ''Allowance'' of the Expression of Religion, this is Repulsive and Disgusting in my opinion.

Another fine example of how the United States of America has been transformed over the last 3 decades, from 'Fighting Communism' to 'Competing with Communism'.

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