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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

NY's Republican Governors 'Confident' also a Highly Paid Lobbyist (At the Same Time of Course)

NY Times: Pataki Confidant Is a Highly Paid Lobbyist, Too

Excerpt - Over the past 10 years, working for either modest compensation or none at all, John F. O'Mara, a little-known lawyer from the upstate village of Horseheads, has helped Gov. George E. Pataki draw up the death penalty, deregulate the energy industry and direct campaigns.

He has helped choose the state's most important judges, and he has negotiated the state's lucrative casino agreements with Indian tribes.

But while serving as one of the governor's most trusted advisers, Mr. O'Mara has also played another, more profitable role as one of the state's more potent lobbyists. Just a partial public accounting of his fees from last year shows that his companies made $570,000 trying to secure state contracts, or garner tax breaks or block legislation for clients.

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Hard Comment: High paid lobbyist working as an advisor for a Governor... hmmm, can you say 'conflict of interest' or 'voting against the interests of the people for profit'.

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