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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pupils make more progress in 3Rs 'without aid of computers'

Pupils make more progress in 3Rs 'without aid of computers' - Telegraph

Excerpt - The less pupils use computers at school and at home, the better they do in international tests of literacy and maths, the largest study of its kind says today.

The findings raise questions over the Government's decision, announced by Gordon Brown in the Budget last week, to spend another £1.5 billion on school computers, in addition to the £2.5 billion it has already spent.

Mr Brown said: "The teaching and educational revolution is no longer blackboards and chalk, it is computers and electronic whiteboards."

However, the study, published by the Royal Economic Society, said: "Despite numerous claims by politicians and software vendors to the contrary, the evidence so far suggests that computer use in schools does not seem to contribute substantially to students' learning of basic skills such as maths or reading."

Indeed, the more pupils used computers, the worse they performed, said Thomas Fuchs and Ludger Wossmann of Munich University.

Their report also noted that being able to use a computer at work - one of the justifications for devoting so much teaching time to ICT (information and communications technology) - had no greater impact on employability or wage levels than being able to use a telephone or a pencil.

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Hard Question : Can computers be the reason why so many people in America seem Dummer than Ever in the last decade?

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Blogger Ozy said...

I think computers that are used to play games are the problem. My daughter has made significant reading advances because of her computer I believe. But who really knows for sure?

11:43 AM, March 22, 2005  

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