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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Russia slams US human rights report

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Russia has rejected criticism on human rights from the United States, attacking the US State Department's annual human rights report as a "politically biased" document that ignored the rest of the world's concerns on alleged US violations of human rights.

"Unfortunately, the contents of the annual human rights report by the US State Department again gives grounds for saying that double standards are characteristic of the American approach to this important subject," the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement.

"The judgements concerning our country can in no way be called objective as they are mainly based on arbitrary interpretation of facts and sometimes even rumours," the ministry said.

"The whole report appears to be politically biased."

.......The Russian foreign ministry statement noted that despite reserving harsh criticism for countries around the world, the US report failed to address issues that have raised "serious concern among international human rights organisations" about US violations of human rights.

"These include the inhuman treatment of detainees in American prisons in Iraq, collisions over presidential elections, continuing discrimination against racial-ethnic minorities," Russia said.

Click Here for Originial Publication - Australia Broadcasting Corp

Hard Comment: Ahh yes, the fallout from the collapse of Integrity the United States once had, before President Bush dragged the United States off of the Integrity Totem Pole and down into the muck of 3rd worlds.

Yesterday China, Today Russia, all, throwing Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo Bay in our faces, along with Invading countries to deliver 'Freedom'.

Have you noticed the 'War on Terror' is now a 'Crusade for Freedom'

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

we knew this had to come am interested to see what kind of damage control the administration has planned for this, and I wonder if these criticisms will be joined into by other nations in the days to come

2:38 AM, March 03, 2005  
Blogger Hard Attack said...

China just labeled the United States Baby Killers, how is that? Check the Main Page on the Blog List or HardAttackNews.com - You Can't Miss it.

3:54 AM, March 03, 2005  

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