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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Senator: Decency Rules Should Apply to Pay TV, Radio

Reuters Report - Published by Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens said on Tuesday he would push for applying broadcast decency standards to cable television and subscription satellite TV and radio.

"Cable is a much greater violator in the indecency area," the Alaska Republican told the National Association of Broadcasters, which represents most local television and radio affiliates. "I think we have the same power to deal with cable as over-the-air" broadcasters.

"There has to be some standard of decency," he said. But he also cautioned that "No one wants censorship."

Stevens told reporters afterward that he would push legislation to apply the standards to cable TV and satellite radio and television. It could become part of a pending bill to boost fines on broadcasters who violate indecency restrictions or of an effort to overhaul U.S. communications laws.

So far the restrictions have not applied to subscription services offered by companies like cable TV operators Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Inc. or XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. and Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., which recently signed Stern.

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Hard Question: How do you have 'Decency Standards' without Cencorship? Not for nothing, Cable in my opinion is pretty cleaned up compared to movies of the 1980's... so who is complaining and against what?

Howard Stern?.. Please.... No one to date in Howards 20 Year Run on Radio and TV has been MURDERED... compared to clean tv where someone is always getting shot dead by a gun.

Hard Comment: 'Cops' is more violant than pretty much anything else on TV in my opinion.

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