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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Shia coalitions: Kirkuk has never been and never will be Kurdish - Also: Mainstream Media Failed to Report 'Syrian Kurds' Handed Over Saddam's Brother

Kurdish Media Reports on a Telephone Chat Broadcasted on US Backed Iraqi Radio

London (KurdishMedia.com) 28 February 2005: In a telephone chat show conducted by the popular US backed radio in Iraq ‘Radio Sawa’, representatives of the three main winners of the landmark Iraqi elections went into hot controversial discussions

The guests were, Nawshirwan Mustafa, the prominent PUK politician and a representative of the Kurdistani Coalition List. Dr. Ali Reza, a member of the Islamic Al-Dawa party and representative of the Iraqi cleric Al-Sistani backed Iraqi Shiia Coalition List and Abu Fahd Al-Isawi, a member of the Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi’s Al-Wifaq party.

Nawshirwan Mustafa said that his list has not entered any coalitions with any other Iraqi lists because their demands have not been met but hinted that negotiations are still in progress in Baghdad.

When asked whether Kurds are ready to accept delaying the implementation of Article 58 of the temporary Iraqi constitution, an article which states that situations in Kirkuk should be normalised to the status before the Arabisation campaign era by Saddam Hussein, Nawshriwan Mustafa the representative of the Kurdistani list said "No, because Kirkuk is a central issue to the Kurdish movement. We could have agreed with the Iraqi government 40 years ago if we were ready to give up on Kirkuk".

Ayad Allawi’s representative, Abdu Fahd Al-Isawi, in response to a question related to Kirkuk said, “Kirkuk has never and never will be a Kurdish city. I am very disappointed when I hear these comments [That Kirkuk is a Kurdish city] from politicians and from ordinary people. There is something historical that can’t be played with. Kurdistan region is an Iraqi region and Kurds are real Iraqis and they believe in the unity of Iraq.”

The Radio show host then asked the representative of Sistani backed ‘Iraq Coalition List’ (Shiia List) to give his opinions on the issue of Kirkuk. Dr. Reza said “I am with Al-Sabawii on the issue of Kirkuk. Kirkuk has never and will never be a Kurdish city. Kirkuk is more Arabic than Kurdish.”

Click Here for Access to this Report

Hard Forecast Part 1: The peace is not going to last, and the Kurds will be at war with the Shiites, and most likely will be backed by Iran and Syria.

Oh by the way, remember that story 2 days ago, the 'Syrians' handed over Saddam's half brother, and the media made it out as some sort of good will gesture, well the 'Media', ya know that Mainstream Media we all expect reality from,, well funny, they forget to mention that it was 'SYRIAN KURDS'..... that handed the guy over.

Here is the story... ( and below is the Hard Forecast Part 2 / Finale on this subject for now. )

Syrian Kurds captured Saddam’s brother

Kurdish Media Reported...BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Syrian Kurds seized Saddam Hussein’s half-brother in northeast Syria and handed him to Iraqi Kurds before he was taken into custody by Iraq’s security forces, government sources in Baghdad say.

Sabawi Ibrahim, a former spy chief and senior adviser to Saddam, was captured in the Syrian town of Hasakah, about 50 km (30 miles) from the Iraqi border, the sources said on Monday.

Iraq’s government announced his capture on Sunday but did not say when, where or how he was caught.

It is unlikely that Syrian Kurds, who are closely watched by the Syrian authorities, would dare get involved in any such operation without at least a green light from Damascus.

Click Here for Full Report


Syrian - Iranian - Kurdish Alliance Against the United States?

Hard Forecast Part 2 : If a War Breaks out between the US and Syria, Iran is going to back them, that statement was made indirectly last week when Iran and Syria pledged support for each other.

This made me think, why would they do this, we could kick their asses in just like we did with Saddams Troops, what is their wild card? Then, I started thinking that maybe the Kurds would align with the Iranians to help defend Syria from the United States Western Culture Invasion.

There is this Warlord by the name of 'Talibani', who has spent most of his life fighting for Kurdish Autonomy, and against Saddam Hussein, who happens to be Iranian Backed. From what I have read, he spent time in Iran, coordinating Kurdistan Efforts from across the border. Talibani is also a major player in the Kurdish Community, a man who has high respect. He is up against Barzani, another guy who is in the same position as Talibani, (and from what I gather has equal respect as Talabani, but he is on the United States Backed Side.)

Barzani is with the majority of the Kurds, who all want their own country, not just to be part of the Iraqi government from what I gather. If there was an organized mass movement to support an effort that would lead to a Kurdistan, Barzani would have to back it or face total disrespect, or worse.

This would all equate to a Kurdish Uprising against a US Coalition attack against Syria, or for that matter, an Attack on Iran. An Iranian backed deal would be that Kurdistan goes back on the Map as a reward for their participation in joining Iran and Syria against the fight of the
US Coalition.

Now, throw in the mix a Kurdish Uprising in Turkey, (Turkey is not that happy with what is going on with this rising power of the Kurds south of their border) there are many Kurds in Turkey who are not too happy with the present Turkish Government, this entire area will a War Zone.

And the US forces will be doing what, Defending the Iranian backed Shi'ites Majority Control of Southern Iraq, Baghdad?

And let us not forget about the Sunni's.

This scenerio would be a disaster, a disaster that is not impossible to yet come about.

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Anonymous ano mous said...

toss in congressmen sam johnson representative from texas's comments of nuking syria as reported by amy goodman of democracy now today

the hornets nest is buzzing madly

3:47 PM, March 01, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hornets nest of the middle east is very likely to sting the United States sooner than later. If Vietnam showed us one thing, it is that in the end we cannot win the minds and hearts of people by using only military means. Right now the United States is being viewed as the bully and agressor. How can we expect people to welcome us or anything about us like democracy, when we are veiwed as being evil colonialist. Somehow we have to change the world view of our country so we can actually begin to have peace in the middle east. We will not do that by bombing and storming the cities of Iraq. Violence only begets violence. It is a spiral without end.

5:13 PM, March 01, 2005  
Anonymous myo said...

the bush regime's agenda for the middle east stems from this project and if you look at it you can see how it is lock step with developing stories globally.
as found @ The Center for Cooperative Research,

The neoconservative think-tank Project for the New American Century writes a “blueprint” for the “creation of a ‘global Pax Americana’ ”(see also June 3, 1997). The document, entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century, was written for the Bush team even before the 2000 Presidential election.

The report calls itself a “blueprint for maintaining global US preeminence, precluding the rise of a great power rival, and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests.” The plan shows Bush intended to take military control of Persian Gulf oil whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power and should retain control of the region even if there is no threat. It says: “The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.”The report calls for the control of space through a new “US Space Forces,” the political control of the internet, the subversion of any growth in political power of even close allies, and advocates “regime change” in China, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Iran and other countries.

from september 2000

9:17 PM, March 01, 2005  

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