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Thursday, March 24, 2005

This Blog Service isn't Really Working Out...

Blogspot isn't working to well in my opinion. I have also been told by a few viewers that it is almost annoying at times, because there is a lag, a waiting period for the pages to open.

Many Hard Attack News Visitors do not have time, and I can't blame them for being annoyed. So I think I am going to halt the linking of stories to this service, and will be reconsidering the blogging strategy, or is it strategery?.

Believe it or not, a news publication contacted me also and actually wasn't too happy either, referring to Copyrights.... so for now, I am no longer going to be linking to this blog service from the Main Page of Hard Attack News.com & Hard News Now.com in the format I have been.

But I will be posting a daily rant, view, comment page on the days events, so those of you out there that enjoy my writings, perception of whats going on, views, or, just like to laugh at my attempt to communicate to everyone else, will be able to log onto this Hard Blogger for a fresh report on a daily basis.

Comments, Opinions? - Blog Em On!


Anonymous Chithon said...

Look man... I have to agree... the link to the blog thing was just... Well you know.

So look.. some people.. I do not know who... really like the talk back idea.... so let them have it... have a link to your blog... A LINK... as in one. That way if people want to talk about it they can.

8:26 PM, March 24, 2005  
Blogger H.M. Stephen said...

The blog thing is a good idea but to have a to every story seems to be very time consuming considering the volume of links that Hard Attack News post.

Maybe what would work better is to have the blog as a feedback and story tip line. This way you can post your opinions maybe as a weekly round up of the feature stories.

What is the best part of Hard Attack is the pop up links pages to the article links. What We've noticed on the Internet is that there are a ton of repeater news sites but very few news sites that allow reader's to post story tips or tell a story.

Try getting a real jounalist to respond by email if you got a story that needs to be investigated. You'll find that it is almost immpossible to get a response. Maybe the blog could be a story refferal blog that puts the commentor in direct contact with a reporter or something.

2:06 AM, March 25, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this blog, and I love your show.

2:17 AM, March 25, 2005  
Blogger Hard Attack said...

Well, Let me first say 'Thank You' to all three of you so far who have voiced your view on this New Edition to Hard Attack News.

I believe I am going to use all of your views, along with my thoughts on how to keep this blog going.

The Hard Attack News Blog is not going to stop, but, as H.M Stephen pointed out, to have all the stories was time consuming.

Chithon's view, is true too, some people do like to talk back, but if people wanted to hear everyone talking back at everything they could turn on crossfire. But it will continue with a direct link but not linked from every story.

And the words of 'Anonymous' truly fuel the Machine of Hard Attack News.

So, its going to stay, but its not going to be in everyones face.

Check for daily posts, in the posts will be links for all to discuss, or as Stephan points out, a place for people to be able to post news tips, etc.

Thanks again for your input.

9:19 AM, March 25, 2005  
Blogger Hard Attack said...

Regarding that first paragraph up above, i meant to say ''Addition'', not ''Edition''.

LOL, there ya go, another laugh for the critics out there :)

9:21 AM, March 25, 2005  
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