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Friday, March 18, 2005

Ukraine Arms Dealers Sold Nuclear Capable Missiles to Iran, China

BBC: Cruise missile row rocks Ukraine

Excerpt - Ukrainian arms dealers smuggled 18 nuclear-capable cruise missiles to Iran and China in 1999-2001, Ukraine's prosecutor-general has said.

The Kh-55 missiles - also known as X-55s - have a range of 3,000km (1,860 miles), the UK's Financial Times newspaper reports.

Official Ukrainian state bodies were not involved in the sales, the prosecutor-general's office said.

It added that the missiles were not exported with nuclear warheads.

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Hard Comment: Last month there were a few 'Mysterious' Suicides, Accidents, Involving Ukranian Officials from the former Leadership before Yuschenko's New US Backed Party, known as the 'Orange Party' won the second 're-vote' election.

Nice to know that 'Nuclear Warheads' were not involved, or??????

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