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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

U.S. avoids role of mediator as Iraqis remain deadlocked - Kurdish Media - NY Times Report -

U.S. avoids role of mediator as Iraqis remain deadlocked

Excerpt - WASHINGTON, March 19 - Senior Bush administration officials said this week that the administration was avoiding direct intervention to break the deadlock among Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish factions, still trying to form a government in Iraq six weeks after national elections.

The officials said they had concluded that despite the bitter wrangling over how much power to distribute among the factions, particularly Shiites and Kurds, any attempt by the United States to mediate would be likely to backfire.

"So far, we’re letting it happen," a senior administration official said, referring to the Kurdish-Shiite dispute. "That’s really by design. If we try to impose a solution, then anyone who gets the short end of the stick will hold a grudge, not only against us, but against the deal that was reached.

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