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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Washington State: Gunshots kill one, injure two others along highway in Auburn

Seattle Post Intelligencer: Gunshots kill one, injure two others along highway in Auburn

Excerpt - AUBURN, Wash. -- A gunman pulled alongside a sport-utility vehicle and opened fire early Saturday, killing the SUV's driver and wounding two passengers as they drove down State Route 167.

Police said at least seven shots were fired around 1 a.m., after the gunman followed the SUV from a home where a fight had taken place.

"This is not a random shooting," Auburn Police Cmdr. Willard Lathrop said. "This is a continuation of an altercation that took place at a local residence."

The SUV was driving north on the highway when the other car pulled up and opened fire. The SUV swerved across the median and two oncoming lanes before crashing into brush.

The victim was a 19-year-old man; his name was not released Saturday.

His aunt said he was trying to help a friend and break up an argument before the shooting happened, KING-TV reported. The aunt said her nephew had a 1-year-old child and was making wedding plans.

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Hard Comment: Another life taken by an Angry Man with a Gun. No word yet on what type of gun it was, I am interested in the origin of this weapon.

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